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Ass Jenny Speaks

It is I, the much anticipated, JENNY.
(she says, mustering a contrived ego to rival the others...)

To all of you who missed my birthday party, pity that. To those who partook, what a ball I had; I thank you. This is my family afterall.

The party wound down by about 3:30am, in time for a couple hours of shut-eye before carting Monsieur Panic off to the airport for his adventures in Japan, thus concluding a quadruple whammy week including:

1) the legal scandal created by Peter's mishandling of the infamous birthday invitation - featuring one adorable clown and three DUBIOUSLY endowed naked performers.
(Note to Dan: Peter's assignment of the LONGEST piece of black tape over your privates was purely ARBITRARY you know... chalk it up to the generosity of your own personal St. Nick.)
(Note to everyone: it isn't pornography if you can perceive neither anus nor nipple... american female nipple anyway)

2) Peter having his eyes successfully sliced open and lasers flashed into the exposed jelly of his pupils. I watched the whole thing. (MIRACLE technologies at our disposal! His eyesight was 20/350 and now it's 20/15. His new ability to see the 5 big ball pattern became so clear and dynamic, the distraction was almost overwhelming.)

3) 30th Birthday of the sexiest clown in the biz (who's more of a man than all of you... well at least you Brady and you Dan. And Cyrus.)

and 4) Mr. Panic living up to his name, as ever, spooking the daylights out of himself in the preparation for 4 months in Japan. (Could he be realizing the advantage of my devotion in the midst of such chaos that is LIFE? Am I really STILL on this ride?)

And to those of you who don't know me (and/or don't care in the first place) I actually DO have a life outside of Peter Panic. What shreds of it I was going to return to from the airport though have been rather distanced from me with the news that a FRIEND was GUNNED DOWN by a CO-WORKER in an OFFICE MASSACRE north of Boston on December 26th 2000 (my birthday, when we were partying). This friend was a member of my rowing tribe, not my juggling tribe, but my tribe nonetheless. The kicker is the devastation to my dear freind, her newly widowed HUSBAND, and their new BABY.

An additional difficulty is in reckoning with the reality of "disgruntled co-worker" becoming a common method of death in this country. It threatens one's beliefs..

I know I have introduced multitudinous topics, and I welcome the onslought, so long as it's not in person with GUNS.

Perhaps I've said enough for one's virginal posting. How'd I do, Jim?

Love and health and blah, blah, blah,


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Adam Gertsacov
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Jenny! You forgot to talk all about your adventures North of San Francisco in the land of Montez and Descende.

I got the inside scoop from my eyes inside the concentration camp! Happy Birthday!

We drank in your honor...

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First off...I am sorry I missed your party...I left town a day earlier than I expected for a new years gig in N.C., I wanted to attend...I hope you had a great b-day...I hope dell arte was as magical as could be wished for....I hope we get to catch up sometime in January before I am off on some adventures of my own...

Email me sometime so we can catch up.

Comedy Juggler | Variety Performer
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