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Prof Willie B
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Sorry all, I guess it's my fault. After all, I did mention the stupid one. I just didn't think he was still hanging around.
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martin ewen
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Not a loose cannon, rather an entire arms factory picked up by some giant hand and shaken.
Omega animals serve a valuable function in that they provide context in which our own disfunctions are comparitively dwarfed.
For example I'd like everyone to note what a good speller I am.
Thank you, thank you all so much.
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dear jim,
I had a great exsperience like your also i was at venice beach about two years ago.Just as i was about to start my first show ever in america.Some tourist walks over and says i saw you in australia,then another walks over and says i saw you in denmark and finally this english dude walks over and says i saw you in london.It totaly rocked my world and i needed about five minutes to think about what happened it was totaly strange but a fantastic exsperience.I was only in la for a short while but had a great time there americans seem to love street theatre and the police were great.All the best great story sean bridges bike boy ps along the same lines just the other day i was in spain at a festival and a spanish guy and his girlfriend recognized me from australia.About a 2 months ago i was doing the auckland festival for nick nicollas and this backpacker couple were staying at the same hotel and they saw me in sydney in melbourne(bourke street)and at port fairy then auckland nz and finally we were staying in the same hotel in nz that was really funney.(they were totaly spun out.And finally i was on this fair ground ride in london and basically you drop in a seat verticaly dowards about 40 metres.Just as it was about to drop this guy next to me goes i saw you in australia at adelaide festival before i could answer it dropped out of the sky falling forty metres what a spin out.Shit happens the world is not that big.
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