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Default Good to see you again, Charlie

I loved watching you in Dublin last year and this video does a good job of showing what you do, and a great job of selling what you do. Continued success to you, my friend. -Barry
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I'm not a regular here, but I'll give my opinion as a bit of an outsider (I'm an amateur juggler with an interest, but not much experience, in performing). I thought the act looks great, the clips of yourself looked really good. I found it a bit weird that I could never hear your voice in the video; the music was always louder, and you provided subtitles that made it a bit difficult to watch you and figure out what was going on at the same time. Many of the quick cuts and titles were a bit distracting; there were several times when I couldn't quite decide what to look at, and so missed bits of your show. The big, long, live clips were good, but the quick cuts between static pictures and short clips with subtitles listing where you performed were distracting. I'd take out all of the place names, except maybe for one sequence at the end. The videography credits were also rather distracting; if you have those at all, they shouldn't be played over your act, they should just be at the end over a static picture or black screen.

Here's what I'd do; rearrange the beginning to have more of you and fewer of the titles and subtitles. For those place where there really isn't any usable audio, leave the music in, but for those places where we can actually hear you speak, fade the music down and increase the volume on your voice so we can hear you. Then, have a montage of different locations with place names at the end, and then just stop on a still image or black screen to show the credits.

And, of course, the kiss bit. I still find that funny, even though it's an old gag, but it's something where I laugh and then immediately feel uncomfortable. I'm going to trust your judgement that you've made sure everyone you do it to will be fine with it by the time you do it, but when watching it in the video, my thought process is "Ha ha! Oh, I shouldn't laugh, that could be really uncomfortable for the volunteer."
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Mario Morris
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Have not seen you for some time and I know this is a bit late but I love your web-site. So that is what a good web-site looks like.

Your promo I think is great.

You got my vote you are the sexiest man in magic.
Keep on keeping on.
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