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Default Key West Info

Hey Guys

I want to head out to key west in jan feb to escape the english weather for a while!

I've got a couple of questions,

How does it work, is there a draw? Do I need to audition?

Does anyone have the details of somewhere cheap to stay?

Any tips for working the pitchs?(for example the southbank is all about the slow build getting people coming from the london eye not going to it)

any advice or other useful info would be great!
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hey monkey,

i'm kinda new to the forums myself but i think the person you want to get a hold of would be jeep caillouet. he seems to be the main guy busking in key west. I've never busked there but it seems they have some kind of lottery for the performers concerning the times and places they can work. I'm a balloon twister myself so i'm not sure if i'm giving you good scoop or not, but again get a hold of jeep caillouet and i thought i saw his phone number posted several pages back so you might try to get a hold of him directly. If you are ever in the northern kentucky area during summer you can always busk at NewPort on the Levee, i can get you all the info on that first hand...
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Jeep is your man to talk to, my friend!
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jeep caillouet
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Default Key West

Key West use to be real easy,work 2 hours for sunset, make lots of money, party all night,sleep all day. It's still easy but the money seems to have gone some where else. We show up 2 hours before sunset to get a spot. there are a lot of spots. work 2 hours make little money,party all night, sleep all day Now you just have to have a sugar momma. What sort of an act do you do?
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