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i just cranked out my own promo video recently and here are a few things i discovered in the process. not sure what program you're using, but i used Final Cut and exported to an MPEG-4 video file and found some people (windows users, particularly) were having trouble watching it. i didn't want to rely solely on youtube, so i decided to put a Windows Media File version on the site as well. so far, having both versions up has let everyone i've checked with be able to view it. you will probably have to download a program to mix it to the other format. i used Flip4Mac studio version which cost $50 and can be found here:

or, if you're not concerned with it, just upload it to youtube--that seems to be a pretty universal way to watch video.

and, when you mix down a video for internet/computer viewing, you should chose the option to "de-interlace" it. that will get rid of those ugly lines that appear when there is motion. interlacing is needed for TV viewing, but causes those lines on a computer.

hope that helps a bit.

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