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Niels Duinker
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Default Bobby May - DVD

Attention Jugglers

If you are interested in juggling history or amazing juggling skill or if you have ever seen the video documentary “Great American Juggler” the story of Bobby May, be sure to check out to read the history about this film project and the truth about how it came to be!

For the first time the legal copyright holders Robert Mayer Jr. and Dick Franco are offering the authorized documentary DVD at the unprecedented low price of $13.00 including postage and handling (US destinations) direct to jugglers and private individuals only! No wholesalers, no retailers, no vendors please!

This is a limited time offer!

Read the history, learn about the greatest American juggler – Bobby May and order the only DVD ever authorized by the estate of Bobby May at:
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Butterfly Man
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Club you ain't never seen one like him 'afore Sonny

I know too much... and now, I know everything.
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jeep caillouet
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B Man I'll let Sonny know that when I see him again,that is if some one hasn't killed him! I heard he was stranded over in Europe some where.
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