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USA Magic Books, DVD's, Videos, and Lecture Notes...

All of my items are originals and not copies. Some are rare and out of print. Just email me at

Most of the item will be priced at 10-20% off retail except for out of print and rare items.

Limited Edition and Collectibles
Andrew Mayne - Illusionbook #220 of 1000
Allan Ackerman - Las Vegas Kardma - Deluxe Collector's Edition #87 of 125
David Deval - Cell Escapes Limited Edition #104 of 1000
Diagonal Magic Square - Chuck Hickok #168 of 250
Paul Harris - The Art of Astonishment - Deluxe Collector's Edition #80 or 200
Magic Autograph Poster Gallery - Dawin (1st Printing)
Magic Castle Halls of Fame (Nielsen Magic)
A business card from one of David Copperfield's top staff with the title "Magic Lab" as the position's title. If you follow Copperfield closely you'll know who "Magic Lab" denotes. I has an icon of David at the top and david copperfield written at the top. There is an e-mail, cellular phone number, address and fax number on this card. (This card was obtained hanging out with the Copperfield staff after a performance at the Flint Center.)
David Copperfield's Lottery Results. A large sheet of paper direct from Copperfield's show showing the "winning lotto" numbers chosen by spectators. Only one is created each show and can only be obtained by appearing on stage with copperfield.
These show goers picked lottery numbers at random only to have them not only appear from a sealed box ("predicted" before the show -- the box was hung high above the stage right before the show started). Item is one LARGE sheet of paper. It is slightly wrinkled. This is an original from stage and are only "made" one per show.
Bare Handed - A collection of Coin Miracles by Krir Kokinos
Banacheck's PSI Series Vol 1-4
Ben Salinas - Hotshot Color Changes Vol 1 & 2
Cellini - Lord and Master of the Rings DVD
Charlie Frye's - Eccentricks Vol 2 & 3
Cheating at Blackjack: The Real Work
Criss Angel - Mastermind 1 Coin in Soda
Chris Randal - Sweet
Copperfield - Illusion Special Collector's Edition
Corporate Close-up w/ Martin Sanderson
Cultural Xchange Apollo Robbin and Shoot Ogawa Vol 1 and 2- DVD
David Regal Premise, Power, and Participation Vol 1, 2, 3, and 4
Escapology with Dixie Dooley Vol 1, 2, 3, and 4
Fernando Keops - Cheating at Cards Vol 1
Frank Balzerak's Magic for Humans
Garrett Thomas Vol 2 & 3
Gerry McCambridge - The Mentalist
Gregory Wilson - In Action Vol 1-3
Homer Liwag - Coin One
Homer Liwag - Coin Two #112 of 1000 Limited Edition
Jeff Mc Bride - Abracadazzle
Jeff Mc Bride - The Magic of
Jeff Sheridan - Genius at Work DVD Vol 1 and 2
Joker Lam - Parasol Anywhere
John Guastaferro - Vol 1
Lennart Green - Green Lite
Magic of Love (performance dvd)
Mark Mason - Real World Magic Vol 1 & 2
Martin Lewis - Magic Magic Vol 1 and 2
Michael Ammar - Easy to Master Business Card Miracles DVD
Michael Finney - Live at Lake Tahoe Vol 1-3
Morgan Strebler - Liquid Metal
New York Coin Magic Seminar - Roth, Rubinstein, Latta, Gallo Vol One - Coins Across
Patrik Kuffs - Metal Bending the Real Work
Paul Potassy - Vol 1-3
Peter Studebaker - Classic Studebaker
Randy Wakeman - Lake Tahoe Bar Magic
Russ Stevens - Magic's Biggest Secret: How to make serious money in the cruise industry
Scott Alexander - Midnight Show
Scott Alexander - 10 O'clock Show
Shoot Ogawa - Professional Thimbles
Showoff with Cards (Magic Makers)
Simon Lovell - Million Dollar Secrets
Stealing the Show - The Ultimate Pickpocket Guide by James Fredman
Tommy Wonder Visions of Wonder Vol 3
Troy Hooser's - Total Destruction Vol 1-3
Yasuda - Costume Change

Juggling DVDs
Complete Diabolo
Diabology - The art of diabolo
Juggle Vision 1 The IJA DVD Magazine
IJA Siteswaps - A mathematical juggling journey
Theory and Practice of Juggling - Jason Garfield
Patterns 1 - Mediacircus - 01
2004 IJA Buffalo NY - Festival Highlights
2004 IJA Buffalo NY - Festival Champ
2005 IJA Davenport, Iowa - Festival Highlights & Championships
2005 IJA Davenport, Iowa - Prop Competition, Jazz & Juggle
2006 IJA Portland Oregon - Highlights & Championships
2006 IJA Portland Oregon - Individual Prop Competition

VHS Videos
Aldo Colombini - Classics of Magic
Amore - Secrets of Stage Hypnosis Revealed
André Kole - Illusion and Reality
André Kole - Miracles or Deception?
Banacheck - Psycho Kinetic Silverware
Bob Kohler - The Golden Shells
Brad Burt the Chop Cup #8
Brian Tudor - Show Off
Charlie Frye - Eccentricks - Adventures in Sleight of Hand, Juggling, and Physical Comedy
Dan Harlan - All Purpose Show
Dan Harlan - Mentalism Show
Darwin Ortiz - At the Card Table Volume 1
Darwin Ortiz - Back at the Card Table Volume 2
Darwin Ortiz- Card Shark Vol, 1
Daryl - Daryl does the full monte! The real secrets behind the 3-card monte
Daryl - Card Revelations
Daryl - Encyclopedia of Card Sleights Vol 4-8
Daryl - Expert Rope Magic Made Easy - The Great White Rope
Daryl - Foolerdoolers Vol 1, 2, and 3
David Regal, Vol, 1, 2, & 3
David Roth - Expert Coin Magic Video, Volume 1
Diamond Jim Tyler - Pocket Full of Miracles Vol 1 & 2
Doc Eason - Bar Magic, Volumes 1, & 3
Eddie Tullock- The Real Truth About Trade Show Magic
Eric Reamer Live - Life or Death!
Fleshman Dan - Close-up Linking Ring
Gregory Wilson - Card Stunts
Gregory Wilson - Kiss Off
Gregory Wilson - Ring Leader
Hank Lee - Cape Cod Magic Conclave Video #2
Harry Allen - Comedy Bits and Magic Routines Vol 1
Henry Evans - Vol 2 and 3
Jay Leslie - Strait Jacket Video
Jay Sankey - The very best of Vol 1 and 3
Jeff Hobson- Live
Jeff Mc Bride - World Manipulation 1
Jeff McBride: The Art of Card Manipulation Volumes 1, 2, & 3 Autographed!
Mark Mason - Real World Magic #1
Mark Raffles - The Pickpocket Secrets of Mark Raffles
Mehdi Talbi - The Cabaret Act
Michael Ammar's - A touch of Magic - Coins Vol 3
Michael Ammar's - Complete Cups and Balls Vol 1 and 2
Michael Ammar's Easy to Master Money Miracles Volume 1, 2 & 3
Michael Ammar's Ice Breakers
Michael Ammar's: Easy to Master Card Miracles Volumes 1, 2, 3, & 5
Michael Ammar - Complete Cups and Balls Volume 1 & 2
Michael Close Very, Very Close Volumes 5,6, and 7
Michael Close Signature Effects
Ramon Galindo - A Bird in Hand Parakeet Magic Vol 1 & 2 Autographed!
Rocco - I.M.S.'s Best of the Best #8 Coin Magic
Rocco - I.M.S.'s Best of the Best #9 Card Magic
Roger Klause - Encore Performance, Volume 2
Sankey - Best of Jay Sankey Vol 1, 2, and 3
Scott Davis - Marketing You Magic In the Real World
Sensational Acts of Mystery Men Performance Video
Shimada - The Art of Manipulation
Tim Wright - The Zombie
Tony Clark - Act Development Video
Tony Clark - Behind the Seams
Tony Clark - Paper Balls Over the Head
Tony Clark - Stage to Stage
Tony Clark - Unmasked Dove Video
Watch Bandit- The Ultimate Watch Steal
Whit Haydn - Comedy 4 Ring Routine
Whit Haydn & Chef Anton - Fast and Loose
Wilson, Mark - Business Card Magic

101 Easy to do Magic Tricks, by Bill Tarr
A.D. Livingston - How to Cheat at Cards and catch your friends doing it
Ah-Ha!, by David Harkey & Eric Anderson
Aldo Colombini - What's Up Deck
All the Secrets of Magic Revealed
Annette Tapert - Siegfried & Roy Mastering the Impossible - The truth behind the magic...
Ascanio - The Magic of Ascanio - The structural Conception of Magic
Aye Jaye - The Golden Rule of Schmoozing
Banacheck - Psychological Subtleties
Barry Richardson - Theater of the Mind
Basic Balloon twisting Book: Monkeys Puppies and Bears
Books of Wonder - Tommy Wonder and Stephen Minch Vol 1 and 2
Captain Visual's Big Book of Balloons
Captain Visual's First Book
Card Manipulations, Huggard
Charles Edward Remington III - Easy Pickings A self teaching manual in the techniques of lockpicking
Chef Anton - The Pool Hustler's Handbook Autographed!
Chris Kenner - Totally Out of Control
Chuck Hickok - Mentalism Incorporated Volume 1
Chuck Hickok - Mentalism Incorporated Volume 2
Corinda - 13 Steps to Mentalism
Dai Vernon - The Vernon Touch
Darwin Ortiz - At the Card Table
Darwin Ortiz - Designing Miracles Creating the Illusion of Impossibility
Darwin Ortiz - Strong Magic (Out of Print)
David Blaine - Mysterious Stranger
David Regal - Approaching Magic
David Regal - Close-up and Personal
David Regal - Constant Fooling 1 and 2
David Roth's - Expert Coin Magic Book Autographed!
Diamond Jim Tyler - Pocket Full of Miracles
Eberhard Riese - Foundations The Art of Staging Magic
Eddie Joseph - How to Pick Pockets 2nd Edition
Eddie Joseph - How to Pick Pockets for Fun and Profit
Elizabeth Warlock - One Hundred by Warlock
Elliot Smith & Ian Quick - Highway to Success
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
Encyclopedia of Dove Magic - Marian Chavez
Face Painting: Clowns, Monsters, Butterflies…
Finger Pinwheel Book
Flicking Fingers - The book or Don't Forget to Point
Gary R. Frank - Chung Ling Soo The Man of Mystery #178 w/ Margaret Yates Bookplate
Geoffrey Durham - Professional Secrets A Life in Magic
Harrry Anderson - Wise Guy from the street to the screen
Irving Desfor - Great Magicians in Great Moments
J.B. Bobo Modern Coin Magic
Jaspernese Thumb-Tie by Jay Marshall
Jerry MacGregor - Real World Magic
Jerry MacGregor - Real World Magic
Jim Ravel's Theatrical Pickpocketing
Jim Steinmeyer - Complete Jarrett
Jim Steinmeyer - Device and Illusion
Jim Steinmeyer - Glorious Deception The double life of William Robinson aka Chung Ling Soo the Marvelous Chinese Conjurer
Jim Steinmeyer - Hiding the Elephant
Jim Steinmeyer - Impuzzibilities
Jim Steinmeyer - The Conjuring Anthology
Jim Steinmeyer - The Magic of Alan Wakeling
Jim Steinmeyer Two Lectures on Theatrical Illusions
Joel Bauer - Gravitational Marketing
Joel Bauer - How to Persuade People who don't want to be persuaded
Joel Bauer - Hustle Hustle
John Northern Hillard - The Lost Notebooks of John Northern Hillard
John Pyka - Theatrical Magic
Joshua Jay - Five Forty Seven a companion volume to Session
Joshua Jay - Session The Magic of Joel Givens
Juan Tamariz - The Five Points in Magic
Karl-Heinz Ziethen - Virtuosos of Juggling
Keeping Carnies Honest - A Police Officer's Field Guide to Carnival Game Inspections
Ken Weber - Maximum Entertainment Director's Notes for Magicians and Mentalist
Klutz Magic
Laura Morton - Criss Angel Mindfreak Secret Revelations
Leon Nathanson - Slydini Encores
Lewis Ganson - Dai Vernon's Inner Card Trilogy
Lewis Ganson - The Magic of Slydini
Lewis Ganson / Supreme - The Dai Vernon Book of Magic
Magic and Showmanship - Nelms
Magic for Dummies
Magic of Micheal Ammar Autographed!
Magic Show Book by Mark Setteducati Autographed!
Magic Tricks, Science Facts
Magic: Stage Illusions, Special Effects and Trick Photography
Mark S. Farrar - Magic Squares
Mark Walker - The Master Illusionists
Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic Autographed! by both Mark and Nani
Michael Rappa - Entertaining on Cruise Ships
Michael Weber - Life Savers
Now you see it, now you don't, by Bill Tarr
Pee McCabe - Scripting Magic
Phil Goldstein - PRISM Color Series Book of Mentalism
Rene Lavand - Magic from the Soul
Restraunt Worker's Handbook
Richard Kaufman - 5 Times 5
Richard Kaufman - Card Magic
Richard Kaufman - Coin Magic Autographed! by David Roth
Richard Kaufman - New Magic of Japan
Ricky Jay - Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women
Roberto Giobbi - Card College Vol 1
Roger Klause in Concert
Satori - Making Contact: The Real Secrets of Contact Mindreading
Scarne on Card Tricks
Schenk - The Magic of Paul Potassy
Seth Kramer - A Modern Tradeshow Handbook
Shattering Illusions - Jamy Ian Swiss
Simply Harkey
Sleight of Mouth
Sos & Victoria Petrosyan - Quick Change Transformation Part 1 Men's suit transformation
Stars of Magic
Stephen Minch - John Carney - Carneycopia
Stephen Minch - The Vernon Chronicles - The Lost Inner Secrets
Steve Cohen - Win the Crowd Unlock the Secrets of Influence, Charisma, and Showmanship
Sven Schoppenhauer (Lex Schoppi) - Quick Change rapid costume - changes for men
Tarbell's Course in Magic Volume 1, 2, 4 and 7
Terry Seabrooke - Around the world with a baking tin
The Complete Juggler
The Gospel in Grease Paint
The Usborne Complete Book of Magic
Worlds Best Card Tricks

Lecture Notes
Alain Choquette - A tribute to Gary Ouellet
Alain Nu - Mind Over Matter Autographed!
Alain Nu - Nu Discoveries Autographed!
Alain Nu - The Bizarre Magic of Alain Nu
Algonquin Mc Duff – The M.C. Bit book Andrew Mayne - The Secret Illusion Show
Andrew Mayne - Pocket Sawing in Half
Andrew Mayne - Facelifter
Andrew Mayne - Mind f/X Magic and Mentalism gone mad!
Andrew Mayne - Mayhem
Andrew Mayne - Body Morphin'
Apollo - Apollo 2001 Autographed!
Bruce Posgate - Table Hopping
Carl Cloutier - The 3rd Wave Lecture Notes
Carl Cloutier - Magician Lecture Notes
Chad Long - The Lost Chessy Notebooks Vol 1 & 2 Autographed!
Chad Long - More Stuff & Some Other Stuff Autographed!
Chris Carey - Do the Stuff that's you
Chuck Hickok - An Essay on Forces for the Serious Mentalist
David Dee - Maximum Profits and Shows with Minimum Time and Effort
David James White II and Mitzi - The complete School Assembly Tour Book
David Regal - Tricks, a collection of old and new
Dean Dill - Johnny Carson's Favorite Card Trick Autographed!
Doc Eason and Paul W. Cummins - Fusillade Autographed!
Docc Hillford - The Star Tradeshow Act
Don Lawton - Lots of Lawton
Ed Marlo - The Cardician
Ed Marlo – Off the Top
Elmer Gylleck - The Amazing Dr. Clutterhouse
Gary Darwin - Close-Up Miracles Autographed!
Gary Ouellet - The Gypsy Thread for stage and close up
George Blake – Comedy Magic
George McAthy - Magic from the Dope Den
Giacomo Bertini - Sleights of Coin
Gregory Wilson - The Art of Stealing Watches Autographed!
Harvey Long's - Fund Raising Magic
Hiram Strait - Lecture Notes No.1
Howard Hale - Showmanship, Misdirection and Routining Autographed!
Jack Carpenter - The Expert's Portfolio No. 1
James Lewis - Visible Coins through the glass table
Jay Sankey - 1996
Jay Sankey - Real Simple Magic
Jay Sankey - Up to Date
Jay Scott Berry - Totally Eclipse
Jerry Mentzer - Basic Skills with Cards
Jerry Mentzer - The Magic of Paul Harris
Joe Cole - Table Hopping Tonics
Jon Armstrong - Thoughts from a Former Boy Wonder
Jon Armstrong - You don't know Union Jack!
Jonathan Pendragon - The Essence of an Illusion Rare and Autographed!
Jonathan Pendragon - The Ancient and Once Lost But Now Found Writings On The Theory And Practice of Legerdemain, Magic and Related Stuff Autographed!
Ken de Courcy and Bill West - Troublewit Routines
Kostya Kimlat - The Joker Game
Lance Burton - Advice Autographed!
Larry Jennings - The Coin and Beer Can
Martin Lewis - 2001 Lecture Notes
Max Maven / Phil Goldstein - San Francisco Notes
Max Maven / Phil Goldstein - Verbal Control signed to Daniel
Mike Caveny - The Powers of Darkness Come Out of the Closet
Mercurio - "The Propshop" Tricks with Magical Accessories
Paul Osbourne - Easy Build Illusions
Percy Abbott – Comedy Magic
Ray Pierce - The Ultimate Nightmare
Robert Orben – Comedy Technique
Rocco - Triple Your Money
Steve Beam – Magic the Vanishing Art or how to turn a trick for fun and profit
Steve Bedwell - In Over Your Head
Steve Spill - Magic Foul-ups and Blunders
Steve Spill – Quick Answers to common questions people ask magicians
Steve Spill - Truly Tasteless Tricks
Tom Ogden - On Stage
Tom Palmer – The comedy act
Tony Clark - Act Development Book
Topper Martyn - Topper's Mad, Mad, Magic written by Gene Anderson
Val Andrews – Close up comedy
Val Andrews – Club Comedy
Val Andrews – Comedy Book
Val Andrews - Comedy for Comperes
Val Andrews - Kwickfire Klassics of Komedy
Whit Haydn & Chef Anton - Fast and Loose Autographed! Two copies
Whit Haydn & Chef Anton - Three-Card Monte Autographed!
Whit Haydn - Street Magic

50 Tricks with a Thumb Tip
75 Tricks with a stripper deck
101 Best Stunts Fifth Volume
Magic City - Linking Rings
Magic City - Zombie
Morrissey Magic Limited - The "how to" book on the Zombie by Merlyn T. Shute
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