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Default Working on a new show

So, I didn't start out as a magician. I was a juggling, stilt walking, fire show & balloons guy for a couple of years.

Funny, but it took a while before I realised that I could make money with magic (which I'd been messing around with since around 2nd grade).

Well, I've been working on magic show routines for 3 years now and finally have one that is completely original.

I tried it out 3 weekends ago and did some $10-$30 hats, so I thought "Ok, it's got some potential". Well, I'm a part-timer and can't get out to the pitch as often as I'd like. So, yesterday I got back out, only I had a bunch of changes/improvements to the show.

First show was rough, I had to set up away from the main pitch and a live band drowned me out (didn't bring my sound system like an idiot). I made a $3 hat.

2nd show a percussionist that usually will rotate, starts his "bucket drumming on steroids" half way through my show and I lose my audience and squeek away with a $13 hat.

3rd show was free of all distraction and I made $20 & change. It got late and cold for the 4th show and I was back to a $13 music interruptions again...just a smaller crowd.

So, it sucks starting over with a new show and trying to figure out what actually works and what only sounds funny while you're set up in front of the mirror and writing corny jokes.

But, I think this show will be the one I perform for the next 20 years or so. I really love it and am proud to have something that's completely original.

The show I did last season was also completely original (and did hats 4x the size...which still ain't much...but better than the squat I was pulling in last night). However, the last show I was doing was a pain in the butt to lug around and took a LOT of friggin' energy to perform.

I know I won't get an sympathy from the jugglers who carry around a whole circus act with them, but I'm now back to just a small bag and my table...and a folding hand truck if my sound system tags along.

Now to tighten things up and get those hats to a respectable level.

...just felt like sharing. Anyone got a hug for a guy that made a $3 hat?
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Dan Holzman
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Default I feel your pain

Dear Chad,
I've been told that I need a hug too, so I will offer you a supportive hug, but only if it is done in a manly fashion. There should be no more then three back pats, and a proper distance must always be maintained between our lower regions.

Keep up the good work. I think you have the right attitude, and realize that performing is like a marathon and not a sprint, one show will not make or break you, it just gives you one more lesson to learn from. Keep moving forward with your show, and correct the problems that are within your control(Like remembering to bring your sound system) and don't let the ones that are not(Like over caffienated drummers) bring you down.

Best of luck, and big hats.
Dan Holzman
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i want to be in the hug too. -

I have new juggling clubs.
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