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Mike L
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Default Short Questionaire

Hi everyone. As you may or may not know, I am a music student at Columbia College in Chicago. For my writing class, I am doing a semester long study on buskers/street performers. Specificially, street musicians. I've basicially been hanging around here trying to pick up as much as I can from you guys. Especially since this is a totally new world to me. If you could answer this short questionaire, if you have the time of course, it would be VERY helpful to me. Feel free to answer this in any way you see fit. Basically i'm trying to learn more about the implications of street performance, as well as the motivations. I also wish to delve into the sociological aspects of the arts as well. Also feel free to include anything you think would help me out or that I should know.

1. Who are you? Where and what do you perform?

2. How did you get your start in busking?

3. What is the general reaction to your performances?

4. Who or what are your influences as a performer?

5. What are the implications of performing outside? (What factors effect your performance the most?

6. Why did you decide to use the street/public space as the venue for your performance?

7. Can/do you (if anyone) make a living on busking alone? How much does money come into play for what you do?

8. Have you had any significant problems with the local authority? With the public?

9. Is there any known code, spoken or unspoken, of busking that you know of? Perhaps some dos and dont's that were passed on to you?

10. If some things were passed down to you, from whom were they passed down from? Is tradition a big factor when it comes to busking?

11. Do you have any goals as a performer for the future?

12. Any thing else I should know?

Again, I can't stress how even a few answers would help me out. As for showing my thanks; If any of you perform in the Chicago land area, I would gladly come out to see you perform. Perhaps we can chat a bit about too. Thanks again, everyone!
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