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Default NAFAA fire breathing safety survey

This just in from the Circus-Arts list.

Fire-Breathing survey Posted
by Eric B:
READ AND FORWARD, please. Fire Breathing Survey A couple months ago, a boston area man entered the hospital with burns from learning fire breathing. Unfortunate for him, but the accident may lead to some good. An attending surgeon has taken an interest in fire breathers and has been working with NAFAA (North American Fire Arts Association, to produce some clear information regarding fire breathing and the various fire arts. We ask that you support this effort in any way you can, so that we can benefit from the results of actual, scientific research in our area. The first step is a survey for fire breathers. If you have breathed fire in any capacity, you are encouraged to fill it out. If you have not, please forward to any fire breathers you may know. Here's the link: (If that gets truncated or split, use All data will go directly to research, it is voluntary, and completely anonymous. Original post by Tedward, NAFAA This iteration forwarded by Eric Bagai For further information on NAFAA see
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Default bad experiences

i've had a couple of bad experiences with fire equipment but not with fire eating.

Really bad toxic poisoning from fire breathing (according to a doctor you swallow a third of what you hold in your mouth and parrafin/kerosene will give you pneumonia due to it being water resistant. also VERY carcinogenic) at a party. Hangover like you can't imagine.

and a metal wrapped fire torch (cheap and i was just starting) welded itself to my hand when i caught the wrong end.

the reason i dont eat fire (and i am always tempted because of the HUGE reaction and the money you can pull in) is an old hand who told me "really? just dont." and then went on to tell me an horrific story he witnessed.

my tuppence
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Other than death, I've gone through all of the bad situations you can deal with via eating fire for a living. For the most part, Taxi is right, the way I teach people is "take a deep breath, Tilt your head back, exhale slightly, and shove that fucker in your mouth". Fire eating CAN be very dangerous, but not with the size torches that Taxi uses, otr the ones that you'll probably make. I also think the act looks like hell that way. The torches I use are roughly the size of the inside of my mouth, I usually have to push them past my teeth. Start small, you can work up to them later.



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Send a message via AIM to thayr

Fire-eating props made easy...

BBQ skewers, kevlar wick, pliers.

Wrap the wick around near the end but leaving an inch or so of the skewer end unwrapped, use the pliers and bend the end of the skewer back over the wick, wrap the wick around some more covering the metal. Un-weave some of the wick so you have some of the threads, use those to tightly tie and bind the wick. Light a few times to burn away stray threads and frays. Done.

*Do not try at home, seek professional advice and guidance... or, just go for it!

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you don't need to unravel wick anymore, Todd at Renegade sells kevlar thread, yarn, rope, basically kevlar wick in any diameter you would need it.

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