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USA The USA Break dancers win big in Dublin at the Street performance world championship

The USA Break dancers win the 2009 Street performance world championship in Dublin.

For the last three years the winners of SPWC had been performers from Australia were some of the worlds best street performers live. This year Australia came in at 2nd and 3rd the boys from The Bronx took the crown on behalf of the United States.
The trophy is a replica of a top hat regularly used by street performers in there performances or to collect money it is hand carved out of wood and it is valued at around 3000 Euro.
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Lee Nelson
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Awesome rock .
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Daniel Craig
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Congrats USA BDs!
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Mr. Josh Weiner
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Default Congratulations.

Dear Clown & USA Breakdancers,

Yes! Congratulations from Josh at The South Street Seaport NYC.

May the crowds share burgers better than big macs.

Peaceful days and safe travels.

Sincerely, Josh from NYC.
Josh Weiner
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2005 Busker's Hall of Fame
The South Street Seaport NYC 1992-2008
MUNY 2005-present

Columbia University TC, Mathematics M.A. 2012
CCNY Mathematics B.A. 2007
CCNY Jewish Studies B.A. 2007

Just say no to drugs
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jeep caillouet
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USA the crown

I know you guys were pumped for this, as I saw your post here many times. Congrats on your win.
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Jeep, the last time these boys went to key west they weren't given a pitch, treated like crap!! They are great guys and would have brought some class to the keys! To bad you guys wouldn't give them the time of day. Y'all missed a helluva show.

Congrats from everyone here in Clearwater!!

Looking forward to hangin' in Va Beach!!
Busker Coordinator/Performer- Sunsets at Pier 60 Daily Festival, Clearwater Beach, Fl.
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jeep caillouet
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Thumbs Up USA breakdancers

Dallas, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I was not aware that they said they did not get a spot. They did get a spot 'cause I remember seeing them work. Could be there were no more ''good'' spots available?Could have been some politics that was going on that I did not know about too. Maybe Dr. Juice didn't want the competition? I don't know. As you no there are way too many politics at Mallory,and most of the rules there where made up by Will to ensure him the best spots before I came there. I no longer have any thing to do with the performers committee or the board there as I just got tired of the bull shit myself. Mark bullied himself on to the board and Casy took over the performers committee as I stated here some time back. I think there might be more BS now, but I don't have anything to say and don't have any thing to do with them. But that's a different story.I personally have always shared my spot with anyone if there were no spots available. I rarely work out in the plaza as I would rather work on the pier. the breakdancers would always work the plaza,as they are bigger spots. I'm sorry to here they were treated like crap. I remember them coming and always wondered why they did not come back here when they came to Florida to pier 60 etc. I hope they will consider coming back someday, as we always need quality acts here and I'll do what I can do to insure that if and when they do come back they will be treated respectively have a pleasant experience.I assure you it wasn't me that treated them like crap!
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Good on you guys for winning Worked alongside y'all in Clearwater a few years ago...awesome!More power to your elbow as they say in Greece...
Its only a trick...
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