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Default Rolling Globe

How can you make a budget rolling globe heavier? Any ideas?
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Drill a hole in it and then pour in some polyester resin, plug the hole and then do your best to spin and rotate it to evenly spread the resin around during the course of it drying.
Could be very hit and misss though, and you might end up with an unbalanced globe.
I seem to recall someone saying that if you put some sand in it, it makes it easier having that weight always at the bottom as you roll.
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I taught myself by filling my globe with sand equal to a third of it's internal volume. Sort of like a russian juggling ball. It adds weight but slows the rotation of the ball. After a while though I drained it because I was sick of it being so heavy, of having to work against the sand to get it to move after I'd gotten a little better, and because I was sick of the swishing sound it made.

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Kenny Ahern
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How can you make a budget rolling globe heavier? Any ideas?
I tried sand in my globe, and it was okay. However, I found working on commercial quality indoor/outdoor carpet, with backed padding, works very well to heighten your control of the globe ... especially, if you are not rolling a large distance. You can get I/O commercial carpet in a variety of colors and thicknesses. In a pinch, I usually have had no problem asking for (or finding onsite) a standard black/gray commercial carpet/rubber mat when I fly to a gig.

If you fly with your globe, it is a good idea to drill at least a 1/2 dia. hole in it. It does not affect your roll much and makes your TSA experience much more tolerable.

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