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jimmy talksalot
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i don't say good things about things i don't like, i try and remain silent. i loved this so here's my 2 cents.

The dvd is;

the first two dvds are mario lecturing on the life and mechanics and the third dvd gazzo lectures and demonstrates crowd control and state of mind, sort of holding court in a session.

clips of students demonstrating techiniques pepper the dvds.

If you were to go to the school of busking in oxford, cambridge, harvard, or yale, taught by full time buskers, by a properly educated proffessor....this course would be the science and lifestyle of busking.

-is it actioned packed?

-is it full of cutting edge street magic tricks?

-does it have a high dollar production and special effects?


and if that's what's your looking for you have a long hard road of scattered dreams infront of you as a proffessional entertainer.

this dvd is important, because it's not some sizzle, it's the steak.

this is what's gonna help you be successful and make a wise decision weather or not you want to choose this life.

if you wanna go full time into busking and you watch this dvd and get bored or disinterested....this is great news for you, you can now know, that you probably shouldn't get into this line of work......because this dvd is all about this line of work, the real lifes work and industry.

and more good news, is that you will be more informed, when you decide to talk about busking.

this is NOT the stylistic dreams, that those slick fad magic trick commercials are selling.

this is cold reality.

but if this is what you wanna do with your life this is a box full of jewels, that will make your career come true.

busking is 10 % glamour 90 % problem solving fanaticism.

this dvd will teach you what a real busker and the world busker community is like. this is an industry of work ants accross the globe working, like any other industry.

it dismisses misconceptions like, buskers only make money from street performing or that busking is a thing on the weekend in your home town.


George Gilbert had made mention that, one could buy a portable dvd player or lap top and plug it into the lighter of a van or rv and watch pieces every day as primer and instruction.

listening to mario speak was startling to me, the things he was saying was usually only privy to the tight knit old school. this dvd is really the underground tricks of the trade for hard core buskers.

which brings me to Gazzo who has given me great joy and respect for his character as a magician.

this man is a master, who is superficially seen as a comic.

he has takin the reins as one of our most important magician leaders, after it being foisted on him from the old guys simply dying out or retiring. his and mario's support for Cellini and all the other old masters is frankly humbling for me.

for those of you familiar with his past (especially the whole walter scott thing and Gazzos education into magic and entertainment) and the way he has chose to hold himself through out his life with his art, tradition, teachers, students and peers i think he should be recognized by our powers that be alot more then he is.

i know that i have not spent alot of alone time with him and he don't like people talking about him, but his reputation precedes him. besides we've all been thinking it and few have said it.

we have had the privledge of having him here in our country for many years i only wish we had mario too.

if you think i'm sucking up...your right i am...and i think it's about time a bunch more of you did the same!

if you think i'm blowing him up too much maybe you aught watch this thing and judge for yourself.

funny enough with all that said i think mario on the first two dvds stated the most important things on the dvd. take notes and burn it into your heads.

i said it before, i'll say it again;


gawd knows i learned alot and got alot of confirmations from it.

thank you...i waited a long time for this info to reach our shores marketed. for years i have tryed to paint a picture of what we are as a people and you guys did it in 3 dvds.

your pal jimmy.
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martin ewen
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WOW mario you have done it! I keep wondering how you were going to put three 12 hour days into 3 hours of DVD but you did it. These dvd's are really the A to Z of street performing A Lifestyle, the rest of alphabet of building crowd, keeping crowd, making them pay. Gazzo I want to say thanks your crowd build was so detailed that even though I was there in person and have watched the dvd I will have to watch it several more times to get all the great insight you gave from your life time on the streets WOW.

Mario covers street performing terminology I have a new one for anyone interested in busking who does not buy this DVD set "complete idiot"!!
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awesome, another thing that will probably never reach my country... sigh. if only i could put 'busker' on that application for a credit card
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