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Default 10 Things Every Variety Performer MUST Know To Succeed in Today’s Economy

If an agent or producer is not currently hiring, then they probably already
have dozens of yellow packages on the floor waiting for their attention. You
must make your package catch their eye. So, here are some suggestions on
how your package can stand out from the others:

1. First Class - This is how most performers are sending their promos.
Your yellow envelope will wait it’s turn to be opened on a first come-first
served basis.

2. Priority Mail - This is one of the best values in the country with respect
to how your message gets delivered. Currently it averages about $3.00 to
$5.00 for as much as you can cram into a flat container provided by the
Post Office. They claim to deliver to most U.S. addresses in two to three
days. People generally don’t let those red, white, and blue packages sit for
very long. This method provides tremendous impact for a low price.

3. UPS (ground) - Pay close attention to the businesses that you send
packages. If you send a package via UPS to a business which receives
dozens of packages from them on a daily basis, your impact goes down the
drain. However, if they don’t routinely receive packages from UPS (or any
other ground carriers), this can add quite a bit of impact.

4. Overnight Express - This can be FedEx, Airborne Express, Emory, UPS
Next Day, Express Mail, etc. Generally, you pay a little more for FedEx, but
these packages will be opened first. These services give you maximum
impact for a reasonable price.

5. Dimensional Mail - Instead of attaching some small thing to the top of
the letter, send something very unusual with the letter. The odder the size,
shape, or color…the better!
My producer friend recently received a letter from a juggling comedy act
written on a BOWLING BALL! He was so surprised and impressed by this
outrageous mail (think of Purple Cow!), that it was the talk of the week in
his corporate office. Most importantly, he gave them a chance to showcase
their act in one of his shows!

6. Official Courier - These are local, uniformed couriers. Theygenerally offer the highest credibility because most people never receive a package or letter this way. They’re less expensive than you might think, and they offer maximum impact. As an added bonus, think about what you can send with your letter. Bagels and cheese, a dozen donuts, or maybe some gourmet coffee?

The Whole Purpose of your package is to make that first impression which will last forever and make them open your package first! I really believe that traditional promotional packages that include DVDs, pictures, and resume will be disappearing very soon. The internet is changing everything. Nowadays, producers and agents are looking for new talent online.


But, here is the question…How friendly is Agent Friendly?

If a web page contains the name of the performer, it is not agent friendly.
Agents will hesitate to send anyone to that website, because they’re afraid
that the third party can easily Google their name and find the performer’s
personal page. If that happens, the producer or casting director could
contact the performer directly, and the agent runs the risk of not receiving
their commission after hours of looking for the perfect performer. is a commission-free site where every entertainer has
an Agent-Friendly page designed with producers and agents in mind. An
agent can paste the link of that page and email it to his client without fear
of getting cut from the deal. helps agents find you
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