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Default Give me a break!

These days I am hearing “If only I could get a break!” very often.

Many entertainers are overwhelmed, frustrated and even heartbroken because of the lack of work and opportunities in today’s economy. However, the opportunities are still there if you look closely. You just have to work MUCH harder to find them.

Your normal routine of getting agent contact information, putting your promo kit in mail, following up with a phone call and then hoping for a gig is becoming obsolete.

Nowadays, every entertainer MUST invest in the MOST important parts of their promokit which are :

1. A short and well edited video.

2. A unique and professional photo.

3. A letter that’s well written and customized to every producer.

4. A mailing package that stands out.

That’s just the beginning! You can’t just send your information to 1, 5, 10, etc. agents. You must get your name out to ALL the agents you can find! For the best results, you need to Google each of them, figure out what the niche they specialize in and tailor your material accordingly to match their needs.

It sounds like a lot of work, but you need to take MASSIVE action to become the one who controls your own success and finally gets a REAL break. The right “breaks” can last a very loooong time.

Terry Fator (2007 “America’s Got Talent” winner) almost gave up on performing after only two people showed up at his show at the state fair. At the age of forty, he got his first real break, and after that… he was set for life.

Life is beautiful,


P.S. You can always visit my blog and read my daily thoughts about
entertainment, life, success, and happiness (plus the video interviews with producers and performers.)
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