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Embarrassed Jim Cellini, master busker

Jim Cellini passed away Monday night in Switzerland. A true master and teacher who will now play the streets of the world to come.
Non Impediti Ratione Cogitationis
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Doctor Eric
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Jim's finally gone? Sad that I haven't gotten to see him for the last couple of years. He was a great guide, and co-conspirator

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nick nickolas
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Oh my god,,,

Jim was the first street magician I saw when I was 13/14...

Had the pleasure of meeting him propably and sharing a stage with him at FISM in Stockholm,,,

Jim your kind manner, sparkling eyes and unbridled generosity have touched 100's of thousands of people worldwide,, R.I.P.

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jeep caillouet
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Default Jim

Jim was a friend of mine sence the early 70's. I did a lot of shows along side him over the the years. He taught me so much, RIP
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Pier 60 Clearwater, Fl
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Default RIP

For years I had heard stories, then I bought his videos...

...A few years ago he finally passed through Clearwater and performed at the Pier a few times and ended up getting a gig at a local cinema theater.

He was a very nice man, a well respected performer, and touched the lives of many including mine.

Thanks Jim. RIP
Busker Coordinator/Performer- Sunsets at Pier 60 Daily Festival, Clearwater Beach, Fl.
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That sux. I never had the pleasure of meeting him... Wish I did. He was a master.
"An artest makes the difficult look easy. A showman makes the easy look specteacular"
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George Gilbert
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Originally Posted by Stoned View Post
I never had the pleasure of meeting him...
I never met Jim either
I'm fortunate enough to have studied under his personal students though
so I feel like I owe him a lot
Jim's my main influence in performing
RIP Cellini
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Daniel Mooncalf
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Default Thanks, Jim

Saw him at a lecture, and again at Kansas City's IBM National show. I'd never have tried busking if it weren't for his lecture. Hell, I probably wouldn't have known what busking IS, if it weren't for his lecture.
It's a family show, so get your asses over here!
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Storm Surge
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I never saw Jim. But everyone I have learned from has a story about him.
One of the things I have taken from him is how important it is to work with children on the street.
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A Book Of Condolence has been opened at
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I am thankful for every second I got to spend in the presence of Jim.

Without Jim and his books as inspiration my life would be a boring office job. Instead, I have had six years of adventure, wonderment and learning the art of magic. I thank him for so much!

When I first met Jim and Marianne a few years ago they treated me with great kindness and hospitality and it was a joy to sit for days and listen to their stories.

Through his magic and actions he touched innumerous lives. My life was definitely one of those. The world has lost a legend!
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jimmy talksalot
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he was a great man.

he gave so much.

he changed my life and he saved it when i was about to give up on it.

i am forever indebt to him for choosing the life he chose and showing us how to be.

i will never forget the times i was able to see him in new orleans and i will always remember everything he told me.

Cellini rest in peace. you will always be remembered.
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Butterfly Man
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Hat The Final Pitch

I found himů
as he reached for a cigarette
smoke swirled in a smile
then I watched amazed
as he made it disappear
in the words
of always
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