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Daniel Craig
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Thumbs Up A Tale of Two Festivals: Part Two- Red Deer

If you haven't read the first part about Windsor, read that prior to this.

Flyin' Bob Palmer hired us for this gig, promising little as far as guarantees about crowds, money and shows but as he gave us a nice big retainer and travel dollars, we weren't worried. We were fresh out of Windsor so anywhere we went from there had to be a leg up. Plus, Ron Pearson, Green Fools Dean, Alix Elixir, Herbie Treehead and Basketball Jones were going to be there so we knew at the very least the company would be good.

I don't have nearly as much to write about Red Deer Centrefest as I did about Windsor and this is why: Flyin' Bob ran an amazing festival. The weather was stellar, the crowds were appreciative and Bob and Miyako treated us exceptionally well.

The last shows of the day were a little bit slow but there are few places where that is not the case.

Bob made sure we were fed, watered, and beered at the end of each day and the GGOLs flew freely every night in the hostility suite. A nice surprise came on Sunday night when Dana and Rick of the Privy People, Shelley Switzer, and Mookie showed up to visit and hang out at the Red Deer Lodge. Much cider, beer, and scotch was consumed, poker was played, recounting the shows of the past weekend.

Highlights for me: when Bob brought his guitars to the hostility suite, Dean and Herbie broke out the ukes and we had a good ole' fashioned blues jam. Breaking the hat record of Kim and I's new hand to hand show. Taking all of Ron's money in poker. Alix Elixir breaking his costume, and Flyin' Bob's mom came to the rescue and ran home to sew it, making it back before his show. The catch-phrase of the festival becoming "It's better than Windsor!"

That pretty much sums up the festival, things that might have goneawry were fixed immediately- Nothing major went wrong and Bob handled everything for us really well. Randy, who takes care of the remainder of the festival outside of the circle shows also came to the hotel to hang out with us the last night and had a few scotches until we were all weary eyed and suddenly conscious of our early departures in the morning...

Here's to Centrefest- A great festival, great people and a great time..! If you get the chance, do this one!
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Thanks for passing on the info on both festivals - specific and valuable!
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