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Laura Ernst
Laura Ernst
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Location: Right now in Baltimore, MD
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Club Promo video

Hello Everyone,
I'm new on the forum and I have a new promotional video that I think is pretty good. Therefore, I am posting it here so that you all have the opportunity to tell me I'm wrong. I am really wondering if this is good enough to send to people, so please tear me down- gently.
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Laura Ernst
Laura Ernst
Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: Right now in Baltimore, MD
Posts: 7
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So...... I'm going to assume it's so perfect that there are no suggestions. But seriously, I would love some feedback.
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Casual Observer
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Default ernst opinion

Laura, welcome to Pnet.

here's my opinion, do with it what you will. i think you have a fun video that showcases your many wonderful skills and ability to work various atmospheres and venues. however, i also think that if you want to use a video to get hired to entertain people, that you should have more footage of people being entertained. i.e., more crowd reaction shots and sounds. if you show people absolutely loving what you do, it is going to make the client think, "yeah, i want the guests at my event to react like that."

otherwise, i like that the music is upbeat and the video length is short--makes me want to see more.

Thinking Big and Walking Tall.
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martin ewen
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works for me. Helps that you're skilled and attractive, you have a relaxed quality. I differ in that I don't need to see other people enjoying your show. As long as the show production qualities are there an audience are a given IMO.
Good length of vid also

One thing I'd suggest considering is dividing your edit so you have one corporate stage based short vid as well as the mixed street fest/corp one this is.

Sometimes just having an exclusively corp/indoor event promo piece allows you to charge through the roof.
I'd suggest you try that, good luck.
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Laura Ernst
Laura Ernst
Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: Right now in Baltimore, MD
Posts: 7
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Thank you guys! That was very helpful advice.
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Thumbs Up Costumes and tricks

Good points are that you show complex tricks with clubs and Hula-Hoop. That's what they are looking for. The edits are good too.

The video has a BUT. The but is you are showing streetshows and exspecially if you are interested in cruiseships that's a NO-NO. They won't touch it then.
If you want to do cruiseships fro example you will have to show you can talk andyou have to show the audience laughing.

Silks are beautiful but some agents and entertainment directors feel they have a problem categorizing you. They wonder what is she - a juggler or an aerialist. Maybe you can find a connection to juggling or make it a comedy act...I have no idea's a weird comment i have heard over the years..from more than one person.......

You could ask for example Howard Beeder (First class) or Robin Cahill (Don Casino), about this point.

Also I would probably add more pizzazz to your costumes- You see i made a video nearly two years ago and didn't have my costumes (airline trouble) i got a comment about that, because the agent saw that I was wearing black clothes...she had seen me before..she said you have to add more pizzazz to you costume...the entertainment director may not feel comfortable...
Mika Skill, Beauty &n Entertainment
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I liked a lot. I on't know if I am the one to listen to - so take what I write for whatever it might be worth.

I suggest you present yourself more strongely. What is your name? Big flashy, colorful, whatever. You know, like a title for the promo. Also think about who you are doing it for. And, if they like you - how are they to contact you? You should brand it much more. Like a specifik color which is you, a logo, a sound whatever. To make it you! When I see a promo and I feel that I want to meet that person, I want to see him/her perform etc - that is a promo of worth. The clips you have is good. But brand them.

"If Newton was a juggler he would have cought the apple"
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laura ernst promo video

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