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Default Good Going Rumpel!

Questions- How many books are there/ so how much would the postage be?

Is Pinocchio your favorite storybook character/ he had a long nose?

Seriously, Rumpel, you've done a fantastic job in plodding on through the whole process of putting your stuff together and getting it published.

Now to get it advertised. Have you set up a web page telling people all about it? Hopefully somebody who knows you well will run a page up for you- something typically "Rumpelspeak" and a few graphics. Good luck, mate!
The World On A String.
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Peter Voice
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The books have been printed and are awaiting buyers.
There are 3 of them, "Fools Gold", "A Jester's Doodles and Poetry" and "Rumple's Laughing Stock Book". They are $10 each, run to about 40 pages and would probably cost less than $10 to post anywhere on the planet.

Email him at

He is currently studying full time at the National Institute of Circus Arts here in Melb. and I know he could use the cash. He'll be in Canada and the States for a couple of weeks about 2 weeks from now so I'm sure something can be worked out.
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Yeps, buy Rumpel books everyone they're great, I have them already, but bought another one as a birthday gift... Went down V. Well

Thanks again Rumpel!!

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martin ewen
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Rumple, you need to either automate this process or employ someone to deal with it. You are not the most organised person and should not have to try to be. That's for other people .

This is my suggestion. Every page needs to be scanned and a book compiled, or each book compiled sorry, there's more than one.

Then someone who is organised needs to make format the book on Lulu or look at other printing options with no or low overhead and create the book and [at least with Lulu] have a url that is simply a sales page with all the credit card, paypal options for purchase plus the mailing angle sorted out for each books distribution to the seller.

It also needs to be formatted for kindle because more books are sold electronically than in paper form now and that will allow you to use Amazon with all it's bells and whistles to distribute your book.

I'm doing all this with mine this week and next. That's why I'm up with it.

Someone needs to get this done and that someone should be trusted and paid and given a tiny percentage of sales as encouragement.

I would love to do it but I think someone who lives closer by would be cheaper as far as scanning all the pages etc.

I would suggest you work out what needs to be done to take the project and do it well once so that sales and distribution are automated and profits are simply banged into rumples bank account.
Then he could see a return for this without having to deal with it.

I could work out the system and direct it from over here. Formatting and stuff I would delegate and that would take petty cash.

Just an idea but I'd suggest this thing is defined as a project, a 'getting rumples books to market' project.

and initial funding for it arrived at by using 'Kickstarter'
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