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As an organizer of a much smaller American Busker festival and a performer I identify with all the responses on this thread. It is very hard for me to not feel sympathetic to both producer and performer.

As a producer, let me say that a free to attend festival is a rotten business model. If you don't sell tickets you have to be very good at getting sponsors which turns into a year long effort. If sponsors don't show up or give less then you have to rely on merchandise, food and other vendors. IF they don't show up, then you have to ask the performers to cut their fees, cover their expenses and donate shows.

As a performer, I work for one purpose which is my own show. However, I can get out of that frame of mind if I am treated respectfully, listened too and not asked to do things outside of the original agreement. Expectations play a lot into how I perform and if I am clear about what I expect and the producer is too then there are fewer "f-this" moments. It's an old lesson that Doctors have learned - if you stay in touch with your patients and admit your mistakes you are much less likely to get sued.

Thanks one and all for your feedback here. I will take these experiences into account as we plan our event.
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Sorry for my late chime in here.

The SPWC 2011 was fantastic, Ross and Noel said it all really well above. I want to add that all the volunteers, organizers, artist liasons, Shell, Clare, Mark and Conor the entire team were really great, every detail was taken care of, the press was great and the Festival has grown quite a bit since that first year, it is amazing what it has become.

Even with the economy down, the shows were big and I felt the crowds were still generous.

All the acts were great, we all got along really well and it just made a really great vibe to go out and perform in and wanna hang around on our off time.

looking forward to be a part again someday.
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