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malcolm russell
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Default What type of metal for juggling cleavers?

Over the winter I'm going to tackle making myself a set of juggling cleavers (ca. 23" long - similar in length to the Dube knives). My question is this - what type of metal should I use?

If it's steel it would have to be at least 1/16" or 3/32" thick but as I don't have the tools for working stainless, it would have to be cold steel. Would that bend too easily if dropped?

A couple of people have recommended aircraft aluminum. Easy to work, lightweight, sure, but I'm not keen on the finish. 'Get them chromed', was the reply. No idea on the cost of getting that done.

Has anyone had experience making their own, and what metal/gauge did you use?
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Default Use existing cleavers

I use cheap cleavers that you can buy in any department store. No labor, and easy to replace if they get bent or chipped. I dull the blade a little with a file. I like the small handles, but if you are dying for club type handles I would use real cleavers and just modify the handles. I seems like a lot of work to make them from scratch.
If what you are after are super sized cleavers then I have no clue. I'd think aluminum for durability, but what do I know, I'm drunk.
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