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Default Worst Day Ever

Man, I could tell that I just wasn't hitting it. I pulled out my button accordion, set up my little folding sign that says "Your tips keep music alive", put out my knitted hat, which was pre-seeded with 5 dollar bills. In short, I set up exactly as I've done hundreds (thousands?) of times before.

I started playing my music, old Western tunes, some TV theme songs, my catchiest original tunes. I wasn't quite getting it. I was screwing up simple parts. It just wasn't working.

And the tips sure weren't there, either. I've always noticed that the simpler the song the better the tips, which of course goes totally against the musician in me. So, I switched to the 3-chord wonders. Heck, I even switched to the 1 and 2-chord wonders (which includes a lot of TV theme songs). Nada. I wasn't connecting with passersby. Where I usually make eye contact many/most people were looking away.

It's odd, though, because I can be playing badly but because of my earnestness or something I'll get good tips anyway. Not this time.

It could well be the season. Halloween is very big in San Francisco. People dress up. They throw parties throughout the week before Halloween, and it was clear that many people who walked by had Halloween ideas in mind; they were in costumes or had bags which suggested they were gathering costumes.

I've been busking for about 10 years. Never a day like this. Even when it was pouring down rain and people were soaked to the skin I did better than this.

I gave up after an hour. I just couldn't stand to fail. I did make enough for a slice of pizza, though. So that's something.
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