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Default Genting Highlands , Malaysia ( August 2012 )

Dear Interested Performers ,

My name is David Lai and I am in charge of the Busker's segment of Superstars of Magic 2 . I'd like to invite you to be part of this SPECTACULAR event . Superstars of Magic is South East Asia's largest magic gala show to date , and comprises of 8 superstar magicians performing in a 75 minutes high impact magic show . This year , the WHOLE event will take place from 1st of August 2012 to 9th of September 2012 .

This festival will be devised to a few segments ,and this year , we will kick start with a BUSKER festival comprising of 8-10 buskers .
The Busker festival will take place from the : 1st of August 2012 to 15th of August 2012

To know a little more about Genting Superstars of Magic , see the little promo video of Genting Superstars of Magic 2011 :

Video link :
Facebook picture album link :

So what is the Genting Busker's Festival ?

a)The Genting Buskers Festival will be used as a kick-start to Genting Superstars of Magic 2012 . Genting Superstars of Magic will feature 8 magicians performing daily at 9pm , in the main theater . This year's cast includes :

1)J C Sum & Magic Babe Ning ( Singapore )
2)Charlie Frye & Co ( USA )
3)Nestor Hato ( France )
4)Christian Lindeman ( Germany )
5)Tigran Junior & Sos Junior ( Russia )
6)Dean Gunnersan ( Canada )
7)Sos & Victoria Petrosyan ( Germany )
8)Chipper Lowell ( USA )

The Busker's festival will take place from the 1st to 15th August 2012 .

b)The Buskers festival will be held in Genting Highlands Malaysia , One of the biggest resorts in South East Asia . You can find more info on Genting Highlands at it's website : . There are a total of nearly 10,000 ++ rooms and 5 hotels in the whole resort itself , including South East Asia's largest Hotel ( Guinness Book of Records ) , FIRST WORLD . There is also a huge theme park at the resort .Buskers will be positioned all around the resort performing ( 8-10 buskers to accommodate nearly 30,000 tourists ) with a very flexible schedule that will be done by myself . Genting has indoors and a huge outdoor area , and space is not a problem for buskers in the vicinity . Genting Highlands is somewhat comparable to the Las Vegas of South East Asia .

c)Performers will get to busk , keep a 100% of their hat profit , get a nice hotel room for themselves from the 31st of JULY 2012 to 16th of AUGUST 2012 in Genting Highlands , and will be provided all daily meals by over 15 fantastic sponsored restaurants in the resort ( You get to choose what you eat daily from the sponsored restaurants , from Italian to Chinese ) Tourist are a plenty at Genting accumulating to nearly 20,000-30,000 people a day , and you'll be taken well care of by Superstars of Magic crew . All on ground transportation will also be provided , in that sense , once you touch down in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia airport , you'll be taken care off as our special guest . =)


We do hope we've strike your interest so far , and per-said , they are only 8-10 places in the whole Busker team therefore it is a first come , first serve basis . We cannot exceed 10 buskers as per the management rules . The performing conditions are fantastic in Genting , and further/future opportunity awaits here as well . Genting hires entertainers all year round . It's the most visited Theme Park / Entertainment Center in the whole of South East Asia !

We just began opening the Busker's segment publicly and if you have any inquiries about the Festival , please do not hesitate to contact me or my partner Yukiko ( ) =)

I do hope you can join us this year !!


David Lai
hp : +6012-3112639 ( whatsapp me ! )
Website / Blog :
Facebook :
Twitter :
email :

*David is frequently out of the country for shows , and if you can't get him via his mobile , you can contact his lovely manager Miss.Teresa : +6016-2557612 for an immediate response .
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Default Thank you !

Thanks for all the great replies !! =) We still have about 3-4 places open and are selecting the final spots . Do send anymore inquiries to my e-mail :

Thanks a lot guys !!
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Only ONE more spot available guys . =)
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Default Genting Highlands ( Dec 2012 /Jan 2013 )

Dear International Buskers ,
Genting Highlands Malaysia may have an opening for a few Buskers ( new batch ) this coming mid of December 2012 / January 2013 .

If you're interested in coming to Genting Highlands Resort to perform for a 3months period , do send your profiles to :

You can read more on Genting Highlands here :

There are limited places , and the placings are still not confirmed . Once they are , I will get back to all your e-mails .

Best ,
David Lai
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