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Brent McLeod
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Default Auckland International Buskerfest 2013-review

Quick review of our Festival that has just finished after 4 days & nights of full on well supported
acts and huge local crowd support... I work & help for the promotions company that puts on the event Crackerjack Promotions Cara & Pam- so we work closley with all the acts..

Was a fantastic event with locals now supporting the performers with crowds waiting at all pitches
with good hats ensuing....Overall event was a Massive success! with hot sunshine every day.

70 Photos uploaded on face book:

Day shows at 4 pitches around Auckland waterfront CBD including new spot over the walkbridge by events centre but had thousands down there
on Anniversary day

Night shows at Market Square also on the waterfront-(see pics for huge crowds..)

Quick brief on Acts this year (Great mix of variety acts that worked so well)

Matt Baker-USA
Comedian & special skills act-Great interaction with the crowds, clever juggling, especially the Multiple Hats,
also 1 of the best Diabolo acts Ive seen.a real crowd pleaser, his act with a small boy balancing 3 large spinning balls on his head & hands was incredible..

Equilibrium Circus-Canada
Paz & Leah
Really good act of acrobatics & strength that always went down well with the crowds, Leahs shoes set on fire as a finale was really good-crowds enjoyed these guys..

Wacky Chad-USA
Definite 1 of the crowd favourites-Great comedy act that the crowds loved -really funny guy,
Fabulous act on the unicycle but the Pogo stick backflips were amazing-always bought the crowd to there feet
A top act..

Jessica Arpin-Italy/Brazil
Wow-A real class act with comedy & unbelievable cycling skills that we had heard about,cool comedy also,
Great theme of having 2 guys fighting for her attention so she can impress on the bike chasing a husband...
A crowd favourite with good hats...Miss you Jess.

Vincent Mongeon & Olga (Canada)
I would say the Top acrobatic act for sheer strength-always drew huge crowds and was great to watch,
what cant Vince do, hand balances on the stands the crowds really loved...

Murray Malloy (Ireland/Spain)
Great guy and a highlight act with comedy, bullwhip & sword swallowing of top degree, always charmed the crowds,which were big in nos watching this act..
and had good hats...

4 Kings Breakdancers-Australia
4 Fast energetic guys & won the (Peoples choice award Winners), great comedy & unbelievable dancing,
they finished all the nite shows to massive crowds and finished the show with a funny blindfold act
for the volunteer..

Billions Cobra-Canada
Aiden was a huge drawcard with his comedy was first rate- & Flaming Bullwhip act that was really popular
and he had huge crowds where he performed, his flaming racket was also very funny as was his double jointed shoulders-freaky.. & worked well with the crowds...another standout act

Eloise Green (Australia)
Eli as 1 of the big crowd favourites with her infectious laugh as Daphne ,hilarious pirouette to hand flowers
to audience members before taking them back & falling in love with some guy from the audience
Her Hooping skills are world class as is her finale on the stand after a wedding, with the hoops
and a great mixture of really funny
other favourite with the crowds & Hats....

All in all a very popular event over the long weekend-We had a few tehnical issues with the portable Amps but got there in the end due to the Professionalism of the acts..
The festival is getting bigger & better and is now up there on the festival circuit as a good one.

Check the pics on face book-says it all..

Few More Pics- Crowd shots 3

Brent McLeod

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