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Jester In My Hat...

To name a few:

A moldy sprouted spud (potato), shuttlecock, an Engelbert Humperdink ep, kookaburra poo, musk sticks, love letter (signed anonymous), bull ants in a packet of sherbert, Brut 33 deodorant, a girl's g-string (printed with 'I Love You'), fairy floss, tweezers, cheezles, a Jehovah Witness pamphlet, a broken crumpet, slag, ice, a a few snails, half a one cent piece, asparagus, a four'n'twenty meat pie, cheapskates taking out more money than they put in, a holey pair of y-fronts, squashed gherkin, a card from a senator of Poland (he liked my show), used tissues, a cicada in my jester's hat whilst i was wearing it (was annoyingly loud, and freaked me out at first because i didn't know what was going on....i had flaked out lying on the ground during one of my epic shows, so the bugger crawled in without me realizing), a card which i found the other day.....but had kept all these years that says 'The jester is a masked sage who narrates truths from behind his disguise. Those truths told amongst laughter penetrate the darkest corners of your soul'...
also a smelly sock filled with cheeseballs.....etc
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Bob Carr
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Last spring I got an iPod in my hat. The weekend before my minidisc kicked the bucket and in my show I was bitching about it. That weekend a woman put a wrapped box in my hat. In it was a 8Gb iPod complete with bill in case I had problems with it.
Adventure Comedian
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Old 05-22-11, 08:58 AM   #83
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Friday night I got an 800mg tablet of ibuprofen in my hat. I do appreciate the thought!
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Old 06-13-11, 10:00 PM   #84
Storm Surge
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Default uhh...

a card from a lawyer
a knife
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Old 09-04-13, 04:18 PM   #85
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$10,000 usd
Formerly amazing now groovy!
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Lee Nelson
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Default the craziest thing ever


Yesterday. Thats pretty wierd.
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Evan Young
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Default everlapse pic collage

A link to some pics of random stuff from my hats. biggest tip ever for me was a check for $250 (not pictured)

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