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Kate Awesome
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Default Ferrara Buskerfest? last year, I was invited to the Ferrara Buskerfest in Italy, but, I bowed out last minute. I was offered an invite for 2011, but, after the crap experience I had in Milan, I thought I'd shoot it out there for all ye folks of widsomness on

anybody who is NOT a musician ever performed at this festival? Was it worth it? I'm planning on being in Europe next summer (at least for part of it), and was hoping it was somewhat worth it. I'm not particularly interested in a hippie festival experience, I'd like to make some cash, y'know?

I mean, it's a 10-day festival, right...
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Victor Rubilar
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I said it before and I will say it again: DO IT!
Im dyeing to hear all the new terrible stories about your experiences in Italy and the best part of it: this time i will not be part of them. Good Luck!!!

btw: DONT do it!
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You two are cute together.

"an honorable and decent human being"
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Daniel Craig
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What Geoff said.
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Default Linz is the king

Go to Linz if you want ot make some dollar in Europe

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martin ewen
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Linz festival or just Linz in general?
Linz festival is OK IMO, lots of choices for the audience and Your pitches change which may or may not be a good thing.
One good thing about the Linz fest is the hang and also the Vellach festival the weekend after has you earning in the vicinity the next weekend, again with hotels provided and a green room and good hang.

PS Kate this Victor guy. he seems to know his own mind and has an extra.
That's a plus right?

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