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Rex Boyd
Kansas Man in Exile
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Default Sign spinning

After watching the video for the song "One day like this" by Elbow I was curious about the sign spinning guy in it:

Then I found this news clip about sign spinners:

Anybody else know about this phenomenon? Hey if the show pitches and gigs dry up it's always worth a try eh?
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I thought that was a joke untill I saw the other videos. Surely the time spent spinning is time not spent advertising.
Still, I like the idea of an art being born from an ad.
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More cool sign spinning.
Formerly amazing now groovy!
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Lex Brodie
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Count me impressed! Sign holding/spinning, that's the big money, min. wage at least. Drool. The sign-holders/wavers here seem to have a harness on the sign, I'd be afraid of losing the thing in the strong wind gusts here.

I'd totally be open to playing my trumpet in front of places to advertise them, with a sign hanging off of me or not.

Bright days ahead!
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