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Default BUSKING in Malaysia & Philippines 2013/2014

Dear International Buskers ,
Resorts World Genting ( is expanding it's International Buskers base and we will be having international buskers slots in Malaysia & Philippines as well . This will lasts for the whole of 2013 till 2014 with different performance slots . April to July 2013 is already full , and we only have one more slot for July to September .

We are looking for variety of buskers . If you're interested , do send your profiles to :

They are very limited slots for each segments so do send your profiles over . April to July 2013 is already full , and we only have one more slot for July to September 2013 . Do inquire for other slots as well .

Performers based in Asia would be preferred , and also of Commonwealth countries ( due no Visa application required ) .

Best ,
David Lai
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I believe Kim Potter is currently working this event and would be a good person to check it out with, for those who might be interested.
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I have now finished my 3 month contract at Genting Highlands. Overall, I'm very glad I went, but even more glad that it's over. A busker is like a tiger -keeping one in captivity is possible, but ill-advised. No matter how comfortable the cage or how good the food you provide, a busker and a tiger both need to roam, by nature and become aggressive when stifled. I had some wonderful shows at the resort, but most shows were a struggle from start to finish and one in 3 shows had between 50-75% of the crowd turn and walk as soon as the hat was mentioned, making the energy of many finales quite anti-climactic. This, I put down to: A. Lots of the cultures watching the shows being unfamiliar with busking to begin with. B. Performing on stage, then asking for tips being uncommon globally and C. Online/press information which Advertised the busking shows as FREE (without explaining the concept of donation based payment of performers). I first became aware that this was how we were being presented to the media at the beginning, when I heard a comment made by the Genting vice-president at a media conference in early July. I expressed my concern to our management at the time, but was told not to worry and that was not what was being said in the press. I then found out later in the season online that we were indeed advertised as free entertainment and quite vocally expressed my concern. Again, I was simply told that it was nothing to worry about. I found this immensely frustrating, however in typical corporate style, it was deemed that I and anyone else that complained about the system were the problem, not the system itself. It is my firm belief that anyone attempting to organise matters that concern buskers, must have a great deal of busking experience themselves or at least be 100% willing to listen to concerns from the buskers, neither of which was the case with Genting management, unfortunately. Also, something that is quite important to note: The advertised rate of $US1000 a month is quite mis-leading. The amount is, in fact RM3000, which quite some time ago was the EQUIVALENT of $US1000, but no longer is. We argued hard to be paid what we agreed to and got it, but the group that replaced us signed different contracts, so will be on a lower retainer to us. However, given that I was working everyday, did the first 2 months sober, had no living expenses, had very little distractions and worked constantly for 3 months solid, I have been able to save a decent chunk of money, which I am most thankful for. I also loved being in the highlands themselves, among beautiful plants and animals. I would recommend this gig if you have a new show that needs work or are like me and struggle to find the motivation to busk all day every day, unless you're under obligation to do so. I also liked having all I can eat Indian Buffet and a bath to soak in, that was nice. Would I do it again? Maybe, but not for at least one more year and I would have a much clearer idea of what to expect. It's a long season and the perks are nice, but the attitude of management is that they know more about busking than buskers do, which is nothing new. I am optimistic and think this gig has a great deal of potential. This is my initial thoughts, days after finishing the gig. If I think of anything else that's relevant, I'll post about it and if anyone has any questions, I'm happy to answer them.
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Stop You're still taking this gig...???

My people casually mentioned that there are still people being swindled into considering this adventure...

I'm far too professional and well groomed to get into a seedy battle of mudslinging...

However, here's a collection of advice and anecdote that I knocked together while I was there a year ago...

Stay home.

Vinyl Burns is available 24/7

Come on, Bitches!
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