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Scot Free
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hey TPG, clean out your PM mailbox ya shanger.
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The Pretty Good
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oh thnx
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Default ow

if you haven't watched the video link that thayr put up, you should.
Apart from the fact that he's good at rolla bolla, there's also a very impressive fall that looks like it should have really hurt, but he got straight back up and continued on.
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Default 7-Stack Rolla? & Video Clips

Anyone ever heard of, or better yet seen, someone doing a Rolla stack where 3 Rollas are involved? For instance- a 7 stack up.

Dan Looker and I were talking about this, he said he has heard it can be done. He said he thinks it's something like stacking the rollas at angles, so instead of crossing them you put them at a 45 degree angle? I've tried stacking like that and it's really quite hard, but I suppose it might be possible.

I guess I'll toot my own horn here say what I've been working on with my rollas... free mount 5-stack w/out pole, swivel on 5-stack, and 8-stack rolla! (it sounds more impressive than it really is, just add three more spacers to your 5-stack). hopefully i'll have some video clips sometime soon...

Here's a few fairly recent clips of some rolla.

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le pire
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Nice stuff!

Seven-- never seen or head of. I have seen two Russian performers do two highs, stand on the head and various hand-balances with a base all on top of a five-stack. It was absolutely amazing.

They were in "Neil Goldberg's Cirque!" (formerly Cirque Ingenue).

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Mr.Taxi Trix
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got your message. Check your email would you? Too late to call you.
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Daniel Zindler
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Default Rola Bola Breaking!

Has anyone experienced a Plastic PVC pipe break on them during a show?

I recently (after several years of use) had my piece of Rola Bola PVC break/snap while up in the air. It hurt! Now I purchased an aluminum replacement pipe.
Daniel Zindler Entertainment
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