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Thumbs Up fantastika / austria

last weeken i went to Freistadt in Austria. there was a festival and i was invited to do my COWBOY MAGIC STREET SHOW. festival was for the first time. different sizes of pitches - big shows smalll shows muziek - circus - magic - puppetry - acrobats .

around 25 performers performed 2 to 3 shows a day. Todd varrios - paulo garbanzo - flying aerials - robert blake etc. nice new festival and can become a good one.

hope to be there next year - recommended
Robert Blake

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I'll second that - It was well run, pleasant people, and the organizers were really in gear.
Rob FireNix was also there, and Benny B, and Stillman Theatre.

Great audiences, all the performers worked well together accomodating their schedules to each other and the rain, and we had a great time.


Aerial Angels
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benny, jumped in the foutain at the end of his last show. hilarious.

todd various was slapt by an 80 year old lady. (he has to tell you the whole story)
Robert Blake

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frankly, i'd be surprised if that was the first time Various got slapped by an old lady.
Thinking Big and Walking Tall.
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lucy lynn
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been there too, and i also think it got the potential to become a nice one.
freistadt, the town the festival takes place, is not too far away from linz (pflasterspektakel). still the atmophere is quite different.
considering the small size of town, the pitches were quite spread out. some artist liked this (as they could do their show there without having the sounds of other louder acts which might discturb them) others would have prefered it to have the pitches closer together.
for me it was a nice little festival, despite the rain now and then all went fine.
the audience was nice, and the kids loved doing the workshops.
special plus for artist with campervans: they got a lovely campsite there, dogs welcome, only 500m away from the center.
travels,art and entertainment

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Hi there
Quick feedback time:
Well organised by performer types that understand
Good mix of acts and alot of space to encorperate the number of performers
Audiences that were quick to learn (beat my Hat record there! to an audience that probaly only understood 10% of my shpeal!)
Good accomodation which we hope hasnt been screwed by some idiots setting off the fire alarm on Sunday morning - if your reading this Grow a brain!! - youre screwing with everyone with your infantile antics!
On the downside...not a great deal of travel money and no per diem available (mine was spent way before I got back to the UK!!), Too much Fire happening in the main square at night for the numbers of public (schedule me for the day next time
purhaps some sponsors could give gift vouchers for food for performers,
how about a Cabaret show for the Public with all that talent available and such a nice venue to party in?
But above all for a 1st time small festy - MASSIVELY well done
I got to hang out with peeps I hadnt seen in years, connect with Pnetters I hadnt met and meet some lovely new crew AND see the MOST amazing cocktail barMan in existence!!! worth the trip just for him!!!! and of course have the honour of seeing Bastls 1st street shows....Man that guy makes me look lame!!! But I make it up with the patter!!!
Well done Bianca and crew - YOU ROCK
I shall certainly be there next year
Feel the Flame
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Paul Garbanzo
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Default fantastika living quarters

Talked to Bianca at the festival in Hofkerchen the following weekend, never found out who pulled the alarm, they have some ideas...

odds are they won't be able to put us up in the same place..
I think the response was "Oh, Hell no!"

fortunately, Bianca and crew have managed to have the 700 Euro fine for having some idiot pull the fire alarm waved by doing a couple of shows for the local fire department who showed up at the scene.

but, yeah, great festival...
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