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Adam Gertsacov
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Default MotionFest 7-- Highlights and Kudos: What did YOU learn?

MotionFest is just finishing up right now, I'm in the theatre typing on my ibook, and it was just a really great experience.

Here's a place to talk about what you learned, what you wanted to learn, and what you liked best about the experience.
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Adam Gertsacov
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Default re: What did I learn...

I learned a lot of stuff-- but a lot of stuff is stuff that I knew before, that I'd either forgotten, or had put on the back burner....

Here's a couple of them:

1) This is a people business. It's not really about the tricks you do, or your act, or even how good you are at doing your act. It is about who you are as a person. Being true to your perrson (both on stage and off) is what will bring you success.

2) No matter what somebody else says about your work, it's your call. You should listen to everybody, but always as advice, and not as a dictum from heaven.

3) I like the process of learning and relearning new things-- and I need to keep on doing more of it. It's something that for me is NOT going to get old anytime soon.

I could go on, but I won't-- at least, not right now.
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Your Host
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1. Breathe

2. Speak to your audience, not at them.

3. Treat your audience volunteers with respect and care.

4. Robert Strong has 1500 agents in his database that he markets to.

5. Your audience looks left to right. Put things you want them to focus on (you) on the right side of the stage (stage left.)

6. Your show is about relationships: Your relationship to your props, your relationship to your crowd, your relationship to your volunteers.

7. Marketing will get you gigs.

8. If you steal a joke from someone, but change it enough that the person you stole it from does not recognize it, it's OK. But if that person still recognizes it, you're a thief. (Scott Meltzer)

9. The IRS has ways of finding out how much money you make on the street.

10. Robert Nelson is the finest storyteller I know.

11. You will hear about Kirk Marsh in the near future.

12. Michael Rosman is not only an incredibly talented, funny, creative and skilled performer, he's one of the most generous people I've ever met.

I'll think of more. I'm still processing. I'll write later after I go through my notes.


P.S. Thanks to Michael, Phil, Todd, Will, Robert, and the rest of the crew, teachers and volunteers... What a wonderful experience MotionFest has been. The contributions you have made to the performing community are immeasurable.

P.P.S. Cybele... thanks for the ride to and from the airport!
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Mime quick thoughts and memories

I am still trying to catch up on sleep (though lord knows that Michael, Phil, Todd, Will, and the others have much more need of it than I). I am processing and will continue for months I think.

Motionfest has reminded me of where I need to go as an artist, that I have more to offer than to where I had previously relegated myself. I learned to not block off my response and be open, that music resonates through me, that Shakespearean English is almost a second language to me, that what you say and the respect you show others inevitably returns back to you, that I can incorporate more of the arts into my work, that Geoff Hoyle is a god, and that clown has nothing to do with makeup and all to do with being yourself and living fully in the glory of your own quirkiness.

I relearned to live fully in the moment, that movement without intent is powerful and sometimes more evocative for the audience, to not lock my knees, that I can be sexy with cards, the importance of networking, that your ability to endow an object with importance makes it magical for an audience, that no matter how scared you are-you can breathe and the work will flow from you, that incorporating your company isn't a bad thing, that I need to get my trademarks in, that friendships and respectful connections mean more than getting a job, that everyone at every level of the work can still learn, to trust yourself, that the smell of dead clown is oppressive, that I will never play poker against Scotty Meltzer, that I can actually pull a really great tag out of my ass (so to speak), and that Geoff Hoyle is a god.

I enjoyed watching each person's growth from previous years and the rebirth that happened for some of the new attendees. I loved seeing people break out and do the unexpected suprising even themselves. I loved sitting at the bar and plotting in an ensemble, which I haven't been able to do for years. It felt good to bounce ideas off other minds. I realized that everyone has ideas that might not be useful, but can be inspiring, and that everyone has something valuable to add to the creative process. I learned that the best way to bring down the house is to strip, cross dress, or share a lesbian kiss...and that Geoff Hoyle is a god.

I know more will come to me and I will continue to grow from the five east coast events I have attended. I am sad that this is the last official Motionfest, but I do have faith that this will not be the end of these types of cross-discipline gatherings. They are essantial to keep our art growing.

(NB: the other instructors were also amazing and should not be overlooked by my obsession with a man who plays with masks...and is a god.)
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Butterfly Man
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Thumbs Up MotionFest the Finale

I slept all the way home … both planes … took a nap when I arrived and just awoke from a full nights sleep, so I’m almost caught up now.

Like Drew and a few others, I’ve been to all 7 MotionFests … this one, for me, was the best. Why, I asked myself?

I guess it’s because this is the first time I came primarily as a student … wearing only one hat helped heaps. Sure, I assisted others whenever asked, but my primary focus this time was to learn and to have fun … I did both in maximum measure.

Add the fact that a whole bunch of my closest friends showed up (many with a liberal supply of intoxicants) and well, you can see why I had such a blast.

But the real reason this MotionFest stood out amongst all the others was that this time I discovered my sensei, my future teacher. Funny it happened on my last day, and in my last class. That was so cool.

So thanks Todd, Michael, Wil and Phil for everything … all those years, all the Fests and all the fun. This community will never forget you and your superlative service. We owe all of you an overwhelming debt of gratitude … so do Gazzo and Peter Panic, but they’re too fuckin’ stupid to know it.
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Love What I Learned At MotionFest, The Finale

I learned that construction at the airport is infuriating when I've got a full bladder and just annoying when I haven't.

I learned that Evan Young can only eat TWO eggs. He also is as cute as he claims to be, if you like that adorable sleepy toddler look. And how he looks when he wakes up is as good as it's going to get, but that's saying a lot.

I learned that the longer I looked at Jim, the more he looked like his picture.

I learned that Robert Nelson may like going places, but he'd rather someone else do the driving.

I learned that people are talented in ways I have never even imagined. Truly infinite variety in infinite combinations.

I learned that David Smith is exactly as fascinating to watch as I remembered.

I learned that jokes are better when fresh.

I learned that every time I'm near Bob Fitch, I like him more.

I learned that I get to listen to people longer when they're trapped in my car, and that they say interesting things when they think I'm not really listening. I am.

I learned that moving very slowly can be more dramatic than moving quickly.

I learned that there are people right here in my city whom I need to make time to see outside of MotionFest, because they are important to me.

I learned that the lesson I learned from Max Howard at MotionFest 1, that any stunt, activity or skill we utilize is simply a way to touch our audience, is probably the most important lesson I ever learned anywhere.

I learned that the Yabba Pot is my new favorite restaurant, and that I love seaweed salad. Thank you, Michael.

I learned that Dave Walbridge thinks I'm funny. Maybe I am, but only in an undertone. Thank you , Dave.

I learned that my former performance partner still loves me, which I sort of knew, but it was nice to re-know it.

I learned that Scotty Meltzer is certain three hours with Karen Montanaro would have killed him. I learned that three hours in a room with Karen Montanaro didn't kill me but certainly left me with rug burns. And that Tony's spirit dwells in her body. Thank you, Karen.

I learned that Patrick Cashen smells delicious. Thank you, Patrick.

I learned that I need to kick Martin's ass. He knows why.

I learned that I fit into bouncy stilts only while wearing Phil's oversized clown slippers because my feet are too small for the straps. Thank you, Phil.

I learned that Keith The Leaf invents a new juggling pattern on average of one every three minutes, and that club patterns look really cool when viewed from underneath. It's like drugs without side effects.

I learned that I'm quotable. And that being quotable is more important to me than being watchable. Thank you, Drew.

I learned that when I accepted that Frisco Canyon was speaking some language that only sounded like English but really wasn't, I understood him better.

I learned that there can, in fact, be a MotionFest Public Show without juggling.

I learned that Karl Baumann would have done his Public Show routine in a g-string had Michael not intervened with a "family friendly" proviso. The mother in me applauds this, while the woman in me weeps in frustration.

I learned that it is possible to hand little pieces of my heart to people and still have plenty more to give.

I learned that saying "hello" feels great and saying "goodbye" is painful.

Those of you who attended know that we learned from one another as well as from our teachers. I appreciate that Todd, Michael, Wil and Phil made this community possible. I am blessed by having shared space with everyone who attended. Thank you, MotionFest.

PS- Jim, you're welcome! It was my pleasure, really!

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dave walbridge
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Default wow

My brain -- and show-- are still reeling from tha latest MF.
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Butterfly Man
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Scot I feel so alone

Where do I go now?
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Steven Lampredi
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We all feel somewhat alone after Motionfest.
Robert, I hope you will follow up on the subject of clown entrees. If I lived closer I would learn them with you. Send me samples if you can.
Everyone, what if we tried to set up smaller scale meetings in different cities a few times a year, with our own public performance scheduled at the end? I reckon it could work if someone was able to organize it. comments?
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Default hi

loved sitting at the bar and plotting in an ensemble, which I haven't been able to do for years. It felt good to bounce ideas off other minds.

deadwood 1-3
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