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David Straitjacket
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Default Freestanding Voltige tightwire for sale

Hi everyone

I bought this rig about 18 months ago, but have used it very little since, just a couple of practise sessions and one gig, so it spends most of its time sitting in my garage gathering dust. Therefore I would like to sell it to someone who can get some use out of it.

It is totally freestanding, no guy ropes etc are required, the wire is 8 feet off the ground and 15 feet long, so it is plenty big enough for most wire acts. It packs flat and only takes 2 people 30 minutes maximum to build, even less to pull down.

Being so big and noticeable it could be a real money earner to the right person. There is some info about the rig at the voltige page here:

The one I have is the largest free standing one they supply. I paid about 1300 (Can't remember exactly!) for it, so best offers please I can arrange delivery at the buyers expense, or it can be collected from Manchester.

You can contact me on 0161 283 8658 or if you want any more details.

Cheers everyone

David Straitjacket
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