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David Straitjacket
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Default Stilt Costume

Hi everyone

I am offering a stilt costume that was made for Glastonbury 2001 and has been basically unused since then apart from a few gigs.

It is a four legged creature we called the Alien Elephant. I am sure you can think of a better name! As it was really made just for that one gig we didn't both to give it a proper name beyond that!

There is a video of it being featured in a TV appearance up on Youtube if you want to take a look:

The video was filmed when the stilts were the wrong length for the costumes, so the movement appears a little.. err. wrong The mask wasn't quite right when the footage was shot too.

Some pictures can be seen here:

The arm 'stilts' will also be supplied with the costume, as will a large metal case. An old lightweight flight case/trunk. The case is big enough to store and transport additional items along with the costume.

The costume was professionally produced by the House of Haynes in Manchester, and is in good condition.

The 'Flies' costumes featured in the photos and video may also be coming up for sale. Though we might well hold onto those for our own nostalgia . We can't decide yet!

Please email if interested. I guess we would want around 120, which is very cheap considering what it cost!


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