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Road Mage
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Default Statue Infestation

Hav just been off the phone to a freind of mine in ireland. He's told me my home pitch has become "infested with statues". The street now apparently has about 8-10 statues all over it and have taken all the pitches, leaving no room for the guys that do shows.

I told him that its probably just becuase its summer and when they feel gthe dubln winter they'll all scarper back to Barcelona as quick as possible. He didn't seem very reassured. Anyone come up against this 'problem' before? Any advice?

All the best

Owen Lean
The Road Mage
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as soon as several eastern european countrys entered the eu, many pitches acrossd europe became infected with lame statue acts. Vienna for instance used to be a great pitch to work, but now it's full of statues and when I tried to work there last year, the police shut me down claiming that I gathered to many people in the one place and this would hinder the access for emergency vehicles. If you've ever seen that pitch, you'd know that even the best busking show in the world could never fill the whole square.
You just have to go to your normal pitch and work, statues are not competition for a real busking show.
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Spike McGuire
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Chicago is infected...
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