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Default Campgrounds

Has anyone here ever worked campgrounds/rv parks between real gigs?

We're loading up a rv with our show for some fair dates in the mid-west this summer, and it seems kind of stupid to drive back to Fl for a week or two only to turn around and head back for the next gig.

We hooked up with an agent who filled in some openings with shows at summer camps, but we thought we'd pitch ourselves to the nicer campgrounds enroute and just stay on the road for a few months at a time.

So here's the real question.

What kind of deals have have you been able to strike with campgrounds?

I don't think they're capable (or willing) to pay our normal rate, but I know our show is worth more than just a free hook-up for a night. Has anyone passed the hat at these spots? If so, was it worth it? Were the grounds open to having entertainment? If anyone has some real life experiences doing this, I'd love to hear about it.

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That is ambitious territory you are lurking into. I would think that it would be very tough, but you never know. good luck. Where did you say the mid west?
I would shoot for campgrounds along high tourist areas like yellowstone mount rushmore things of that nature.
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Well, I can't believe we're the first ones doing this, but I'll keep you folks informed if you like.

UCO - Actually more East coast. We just picked up a KOA for 30 days with a full hook up in exchange for 3 shows a week in an area we wanted to work in. Allowed to do a hat and sell crap. The 4 off days are ours to either enjoy the campgrounds or work the tourist area.

Also just got a call from a resort in a heavy tourist area in the mid-Atlantic region, again free hook up and utilities for a month, plus hat, in exchange for performing on their boardwalk a couple shows each day.

Once summer starts, we've got a bunch of day camps booked in a 3 week span from Atlanta to the NYC area, before we start the Ohio State Fair in August, then finally west of the Mississippi for a few other engagements.

I guess as long as we're not paying for housing and utitilies, the hats should be fine as long as we stay in the touristy regions.

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