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nick nickolas
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Checkerboard Man
Nick Nickolas
Rob Torres (Funeeeman)
Jon Hicks
USA Breakdancers
Andy Zap
Sylvain Dubois
Pete Sweet
Hokum W. Jeebs
Marie-Claude L'Or
Thom Sellectomy
Keith Leaf

We were all questioned at one time or another within 48hrs of this festival starting....
“What do you know about a black loafers and leopard print heels?” Shelly Switzer was to ask me one morning as I am coping with my hangover...I knew nothing apart from the schedule Lynne Snowaski was writing up. Ken Brandes meanwhile was on site mustering crowds using walkie talkies and volunteers ....
Windsor Buskerfest 2004 Set across the way from Detroit, separated by a river and connected by a bridge and tunnel,,,, Tax free gambling, 18yrs drinking age, strip bars, cuban cigars a lot to offer for the partying adolescents of USA...
So it has an edge but the clientele that come down to the parking lot on the waterfront to see us are normally the families and they are committed, parking, cashed up and walking 3 blocks to the site,,,
3 hotels were used this year...Mine was the Radisson, very nice but no windows that opened and no 24hr room service....Doing laps of the pool looking out at Detroit, checking the clock to see you’ve got a street show in an hour,,,,ahhh,,, time enough to pop into sauna bliss...made up for it though...
Rob Torres was a late arrival coming in from Europe,,,his lugggage was even later...days later. He improvised with $50 and a visit to the Goodwill store, ending up following Hokum and his piano around on a kids trike towing a suitcase.... USA Breakdancers T.Shirts arrived late and dance floor(lino) didn’t arrive at all !! ... Andy Zaps luggage was 9 days late and Ulla’s a day late....Air Canada...
The Irish Pub One street back was once again headquarters, and once again full of loud diddly do da music from Canadian Irishman on volume...12 ! Blackcurrent Schnapps was defiantly the drink of choice,, somehow one of those shot through your system changing gears and lubing your joints to hit perfect rhythm with the strumming metronymics blasting from the stage....It was all on as I let my hair down and with Thom and Rob we Jigged and pranced over to join Hulio, Rich Silly and Hokum....There I was bouncing around, hair everywhere and as I looked around everyone was looking at me was what I call an OZZY moment. If you don’t know I am a knockout lookalike of Ozzy Osbourne and include him in my reporature ,,,I sat down next to Huliio (Klown) who is a large,,no larger,,no larger than life black charismatic New Yorker and head of the USA breakdancers. People were looking over as Klown took on the role as my bouncer...Then it happened I knew it was on...yep out of the misty gel lit room a girl came up with pen and paper and I signed on behalf of the Prince of Darkness...More Schnapps and couple of whiskey chasers and off to Shelley's room for the after, after hours party...She points out to all of use the Shoe collection, with masking tape marking to position of the missing items...No-one seems to know anything,,,strange......
We all had to do a kids thing one morning and due to rain it was moved to an armoury 5kms away ... A large empty freshly painted room amongst a maze of meter thick walls...The kids were bus herded in, loads of them...Shelley was getting them to bo wipey, wipey, feety feety before the entered,,,,,a ploy to check shoes methinks...They had a competition around the schools ‘Who wants to be a Busker” and kids got up and did tricks, performers did 5mins and talked a bit about busking...I got up and chatted about being broke, ripped off, emotionally scarred, jailed, robbed, and various other busking tales...
At the back of the main site stage was our Tent a big fridge stocked with water bottles, sandwiches and pop for our consumsion...This was normally checked by Shells and more product added when need be....More product was being added one afternoon accompanied by a squeal, a black loafer in front of her eyes in the fridge..... It had been in there even before you checked the inventory Shelley !!
More people were questioned,,,everyone was a suspect...!!! The next day we find out another shoe had dissappeared.....Strange.
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Christopher Cool
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Cool Sounds Fun


Entertaining read, thanks. I'm in FL fighting the Hurricanes, how about yourself? First Edmonton now the sucky weather here.
Hope all is going well for you.

Rock On!
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