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Default octoberfest in germany?

hey all! the usa breakdancers and i are thinking of going to munich for octoberfest to busk. i was wondering if anyone has done this before. i'd like to know that it's worth doing before i pay for an expensive plane ticket. anyone? cheers!
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le pire
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Default german p-net

I remember finding a German equivalent of out there on the web. Can't remember the link.

I'll dig around. I think it might be good to ask Germans... Maybe Hilby can help you.

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Worked it last year. Didn't like it, went to Stuttgart instead. Woke up every morning to line up to pay 5 euros for one of the 5 permits permitted each day. Shared between musicains, and statues. Small hats, and it rained on me alot. Email me if you want more info.

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dave walbridge
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Default o-fest

I did the octoberfest, but it was more than ten years ago. Fun, but small hats. I think the main attraction there is the beer.

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Default Jut like stickman says

Just like stickman says...Small hats non appreciative audiences...and you have to queue up progresively earlier each day to make sure you get one of the five permits allowed. And you do get pulled up by the roving police asking to see said permit. Not worth the money for the trip, but then again if money isnt your objective and want to see Munich...yeah...okay.
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Minnie Maniac
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Thumbs down

To add to the info on Oktoberfest, and Munich in general - even if you go to the tourist office in the morning and get your 5 euro permit for the day, it can still rain in the afternoon etc. Not only that, but if you don't have an EU passport, you can only get a maximum of 6 permits per year. That is a total of 6 days per year for non-eu performers! Add to that:
1. No amplification allowed at all - voice or otherwise (they even specify no percussion or wind instruments at all)
2. The police there are very fast to move in on "nuisances".
3. If you ride a unicycle, you are liable to get a ticket for riding in a pedestrian zone, as Mr Marcus once did directly after a show.

Basically it sucks! Munich has really good potential, but has been screwed up by too many rules. It could be okay if you are a statue or have no amplification and have an eu passport. Otherwise, go only to visit.

I am only referring to Munich center in this. I also went to Oktoberfest itself, which is not in the centre. I would be surprised if shows here worked as most of the action is inside the big beer-drinking tents and there is no way you could play inside as they have a full-time traditional bavarian band on a raised pedestal in the centre of each tent. But hey, you never know - the only real outside action was at the theme-park rides, which were also very noisy. It is pretty cold there that time of year. Go to have a stein, but shows...... hmmmm, not for me anyway.

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Default here to soften the blow

Munich center:

They offer 15 permits per day. 5 for music, 5 for statues and other small shows, and 5 for circle shows. There is a small daily fee for these.

To be certain of getting one, better get in line an hour before the tourist office opens. Saturdays, 90 minutes.

Non-EU citizens are limited to 6 permits yearly (it used to be 10, and before that it was a completely open pitch!!). And yes, they keep tabs via your passport info. EU members can work unrestricted.

HOWEVER, the tourist office only keeps banking hours -- ie, it closes relatively early -- and is not open at all on Sundays. Sundays thus becomes unrestricted and free to all comers, and evenings as well. Come down to the center after 7pm and you will notice how the store fronts turn into backlit stages for several acts willing to work the longer crowd builds.

Generally speaking, the money in Munich is still in the top percentile of European pitches.
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The Pretty Good
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Orange I think you should go. October is kinda late in the season to arrive in Europe. Fly into Frankfurt then train to Munich. If you are not having fun go somewhere else. But I bet it'll be a good time.
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