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Cosmic Colt
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Post Noosa First Fest

It happened, it's over, and the Noosa council will hopefully learn from the work it takes to put on such an event..Besides the small shows, the benefits and hospitality of the Shire Council was brilliant. Just needs a focused pitch, not spread out with numerous small pitches.
Fun was found, and money hungry acts should not bother. Those who perform for life and love of travel, I recommend.
There IS a possibility that in the future with support Noosa could be on the map for performance, now it is still a work in progress...I see myself doing just that here over the years as I have done in Athens Greece since 1994 in preparation for the summer games in 2004.
Nice to meet T-Funk, Steve London, Isabella, and all the local artists and healers on my first trip to OZ on the Sunshine Coast.
Beats the hell out of New York City.
Creative Fuel Productions
New York-Greece
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Steve London
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Hi Colt. Agree with everything you say. The people I met were great.
Thanks to everybody. Organisers and performers. I guess you survived the skydiving. Rather you than me. See you around the traps.


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