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Default Greektown/MLB Allstar Buskers

We came, we saw, we were mostly alone.

Just home from Detroit and the Greektown Street Perfromers Festival.
It was myself, Chris Cool, The Dan Show, Marcus Wilson, Davio, Zac (a newbie from Windsor) and Mr.Bill(for a minute)
From the $ point of view the event was pretty much a bust. Saturday and sunday worked, but friday, monday and tuesday were spent hanging out on the pitch trying hard not to be the next one up.
From the "hang" point of view it was a great time. Jason from the casino took excelecnt care of us. Decent hotel and meals.
To keep ourselfs entertained a point system was devised so that we could compete against each by earning points for thing such as kissing bums, having bums walk into your show, making babies cry and honking car horns. No one got the 1000 points for being murdered in the "Murder City".
(I myself got special points for spliting a 10$ hat with a bum who was the only person to stay for my whole show on Monday.)
Over all I say if they do it again next year with more time and planning I would do it.

"an honorable and decent human being"

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Denis won in the end with over 200 points.

Oh well-- Yeah, from a dollars and cents perspective, it was pretty small, but we were well taken care of, in fact I'd go so far to say that it was run by one of the most welcoming and hospitable event hosts I've seen... The casino did the best they could, and if they give it another shot, I'd definetly go back.

There were a few highlights, mainly Chris eating a sixteen ounce burger on his own, The MLB All-Star POLICE STATE (achtung!), the 20% of a dollar bill we all got, and of course, the bills for bill variety show.

Awesome fun.
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I am glad I left early. I went home and made more money sitting on my but answering calls and sending other people out to do gigs. I must say that I definately respect the rest of you guys that stayed on. You definately have a better outlook than I do. I did enjoy seeing your shows. I think we should mention that Chris almost got hurt really bad when that big guy pulled up on his crotch strap so hard that he got air and had to do a flip to avoid his face smashing into the ground!

Sorry about my behaviour that day though.
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