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Daniel Craig
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Default Show structure and elements...

Okay, here's a little passage that crossed my mind earlier today.

Our shows are all comprised of many things: Tricks, stunts, comedy, surprise, character, psychology, personability, relationships, and the list goes on and on and on.

From the moment you hit the street, everything you say and do is being watched by someone, unless you have no crowd, and thus no show, but that's a different topic all together. From the first moments of your amplified voice coming on the little amp can or taxi you've got, you're creating an IMPRESSION, based on your costume, your air of professionalism, and what you're saying.

Everything after that is being judged by your audience. They are wanting you to make them have an enjoyable time, correct? For the most part, they do, because you do the following
a) be so damn funny they die laughing
b) so damn skillful they drop their jaws
c) affect them in a way they wouldn't expect
d) show them something they would never otherwise see
e) herd them long, herd them good

And of course there are so many more. But those, I feel, are the main ones most of us exploit to our obvious advantage. Now, my question is... Can we break down a successful street show into elements? Such as: "Technical Skill", "Crowd Psychology", "Character Strength", "Message", and so forth. If so, can we create a *realistic* template that would mean success if those areas are focused on? Could you even critique shows under those elements?

For me personally, I feel it's a matter of balance in the above. Jack of all trades, master of none. Obviously, the world's best technical juggler may not be able to do a huge street show, and a 3 ball juggler could very well, but to create an ultimate performer who was a perfect 10 in everything is nigh-unrealistic.

Thoughts? Comments?

Perhaps it'd be a good way to address areas we need to work on!
How would your show rank on a system like that?
Technical Skill /10
Crowd Psych. /10
Message /10
Character Str. /10
Physicality /10
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