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Butterfly Payment

Could someone out there tell me how much would be a good amount to charge for a show? There is no one around here that does sideshows so I have no idea how much to charge. Whats a fair amount to charge per show? Would be greatly appreciated for the help. Single shows, parities, festivals, traveling to shows, please help. If you don't want to write it here please email. Thank you.
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It depends on a lot of factors. Too many to give you an estimate without seeing your show and what goes into it.

Anywhere from $100 to $4500 depending on: staging, length of show, quality of technical developement, lights, P.A. and just plain old - "are you good?".

Sorry, but if you'll tell me more I will try and give you some pointers on what to charge.

One good idea might be to get and idea of the acts on the bill with you and what they charge. If you're show plays just as well and looks just as good as a jugglers, then charge what he/she's charging. The agents don't understand or even care that you are two seperate art forms. The just see dollars!

If you'll post or email me more information about your show (be specific) I'll try and be more help to you.

Good luck!

Thom Britain, Modern Gypsies Entertainment
Thom Britain
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Send a message via AIM to scot

2 meals, a bed, and a bucket of water. Or you can call up another person that does a similar thing, pretend to be a potential client and ask how much it would be for this certain event. You should already have all the stats about the party or whatever. Maybe you'll be happy to find that this other fellow is asking for 2 beds.

Also, don't limit yourself to thinking that 4500 is the top or 100 is the bottom. I have a pal that is doing shows for 75 bucks. about 10 years ago I did shows that were 30. I also have chums that do $6000 gigs. It's unlimited.

Try not to undercut other performers too much and the amount you charge will up the respect you get in most cases. ATTN: I didn't say "the amount of work" I said "respect".




scot nery</A>

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