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Post promo kits

Where would anyone reccommend sending promo kits? like types of places... not exact places- but what kind of establishments? Once you find a place, what person do I send it to? what is their title? Where is a good place to find addresses? should I just endlessly search the net?


I have new juggling clubs.
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make a list of all the types of places you want to be booked.

Someone here will make a list of all the places that would actually book you.

Then, we'll be able to answer your question.
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After looking at your web page, I would say you have a good start right there. Ask the art festival folks for referals. The ski lodge for referals. The music festival for referals. You do school shows? Well ask for a referal letter and mail it to schools and libraries. Churches even. Repeat. repeat again.

Check out, . STUDY your phone book, your weekly newspaper event listings (some of my clippings are 5 years old)
know your turf, study your turf insessantly.

Study the business section of your local newspaper. Look for aniversary dates. Businesses have grand openings and anniversary celebrations. Mall marketing managers, auto dealerships, sports teams, they all need promotions. Figure out why they should hire you.

oh, and learn to sell benifits, not features: "We come to your event and walk around while juggling" is not exactly awe inspiring. ;&gt [img]wink.gif[/img]

Good luck
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Bill 'Stretch' Coleman
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Promo kits are expensive. Unsolicited ones are usually chucked. Call first. Find the name of the person most likely to need your services. Ask him/her if they would like you to send the kit. NOW you've got a personal relationship started with the decision-maker & your info is more likely to be read.
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