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Yo Al your ma boy and I like you but I have to agree with Jim on this. If your one of the "privileged" acts that work in the "official pitch" inside of Fanuil hall you should make some room for those who are not as fortunate as you are to work in the main pitch.
I think if you do 2 slots in the main pitch then you shoudn't worry about what goes on at the secondary pitch and leave that to the people who need it.
As far as them going to audition for fanuil hall like every one els, if it's a break dance group your talking about that's already been attempted and the groups were discriminated against because of the nature of there act. Not one "privileged act" spoke out to Fanuil hall marketing or even voiced there opinion on P-net not one of them said "THAT'S NOT FAIR." Al your on the street's when your on that pitch there is no rules you have to earn your respect there's no marketing people there to protect you, i'm not saying you need them. I know your act is good and you come from the hard core streets of Australia your not like most of these pampered acts that work under the protection of a marketing team. I'm just trying to tell you kind of shit has been going on down there for years the break dance groups have been working that pitch for years alot more then seven years. I know some of them could be hard to work with but all of them are not like that.

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