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jeep caillouet
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Great video, thanks Nick
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Furry Eggs
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Only Robert could make me break my vow of Stalker Status and come out of the woodwork.
I'm still laughing over stories we shared in Halifax, Windsor, London and Edmonton, only now I'm crying.
Your hat lines were always the first stolen at any festival.
I still use them.
Your jokes were the more memorable the more often you heard them.
You was a lousy role model, but who really cared? Not I.
I was your friend, and you mine. And that was enough for me.
RIP, Buddy. Hope to see you again on the other side.

P.S. - I also blame Gazzo.
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Default thank you robert nelson.

I just found this out about Robert this past Thursday. 9 months late. I got very disconnected from jugglers.
I just want to say thank you to Robert. he was extremely supportive of me when I talked to him at the Madison ija fest. cant remember what year. he and others ran a busker workshop. how to deal with hecklers was a part of it. I emailed him sometime after that fest and one of his supportive comments was " the world really is your stage". ive been busking for 22 years now and damn it im f**king getting back on that horse.
Feel like I want to say thank yous to fill up a damn page. I bow to your giving sir. lastly, tonight I got a shock when I looked up info on ejuggler on Robert. turns out he died on my birthday 8/27/. holy shite.
glad I got to know him the little that I did.
THANK YOU's a late goodbye to you.
sincerely, john van hattum
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