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Default Satirist Art Buchwald

From the AP:

By DARLENE SUPERVILLE - Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON(AP) Satirist Art Buchwald, who made dying fun, is dead.

Buchwald's son, Joel, who was with his father, disclosed his death at age 81. He said his father passed away quietly at his home late Wednesday with his family.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and author chronicled the life of Washington with an infectious wit for four decades, then cheated death and laughed in its face in a richly lived final year that medical science said he wasn't supposed to get.

Buchwald had refused dialysis treatments for his failing kidneys a year ago and was expected to die within weeks of moving to a hospice on Feb. 7, where he held court as a parade of luminaries and friends came by to say farewell. But he lived to return home and even write a book about his experiences.

"I'm having a swell time," he said of his dying. "The best time of my life."

Buchwald wrote that he had to scrap his funeral plans, rewrite his living will, buy a new cell phone and get on with his improbable life. "I also had to start worrying about Bush again," he deadpanned.
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Default Re: Satirist Art Buchwald

Originally posted by Peter
From the AP:

Buchwald's son, Joel, who was with his father, disclosed his death at age 81.
Geez, if his son was 81, how old was Buchwald? (he asked, satirically)

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