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Default Rupert Wilcox Obituary

Few of you will know of Rupert Wilcox. He was a chef, a publican, a businessman and more importantly a patron of performance art.

He underwrote my first ever comedy club The Not So Secret Cabaret at "Wiltons" from 1992 to 1995. One of his restaurants won a national award as "restaurant of the year" recently.

He gave Will Smith (the other one - famous on the English Stand Up Scene) his first ever fully paid stand up comedy gig as part of Salisbury Festival in 1993.

He was so supportive of the arts. Last January, The National Guild of Jesters moved their dinner from the Midlands to Salisbury because of my broken leg. I asked Rupert to provide a buffet with a budget. The buffet we got would have cost many times more than that anywhere else. He was really keen to have the jesters in his medieval pub "The Haunch of Venison."

Rupert supported and encouraged me when I was frankly a weak performer with only a glimmer of potential. In recent times I always enjoyed popping into his pub in motley to amuse his customers.. I really wish I had done so more often....

Rupert Wilcox wore many hats, had many famous friends (celebrities were always attracted to his hospitality) and was noteable enough to have his death announced and mourned at the Press Launch of The Salisbury Festival.

Rupert Wilcox.. Rest in Peace..
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