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Eliza Blaze
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Default Fire in New Orleans?

Hey all! I'm about to head down to NOLA, and was wondering what the attitude to fire performance is down there, both in terms of busking and also in terms of gigs on privately owned land. I'm from Boston, and I'm used to fire permits being (a) absolutely unequivocally mandatory and (b) friggin' hard to get. I make periodic pilgrimages to Portland, Maine, to get some hassle-free fire busking/gigging in the summer, and would be thrilled to find a similar situation in New Orleans.

Thanks a lot!
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Hey, yeah. Maine is really lenient on busking. I live in Maine and often travel to Old Orchard Beach, Portland, Bangor areas and never have a problem. Havent busked outside of Maine however, except in Penn state for a day or two earlier this year
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Default NOLA

No fire allowed at French Quarter Marketplace.
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The only person I've known who actually went to the hassle of getting a fire permit for the street was Dr. Eric VonKnownothing. He was successful and probably only used it once. I do believe the only reason he did it was to f*** with the cops who, at the time (ten of fifteen years ago), were always f****** with street performers. That culture has changed in the intervening years, but I'm sure the necessity to get a permit is still important. I think Dr. Eric now holds forth in San Francisco where, I'm sure, there is more respect shown to street performing artists.
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Not in French Quarter, but they do fire-spinning on Frenchmen st. in Marigny at night, and sometimes on Esplanade ave. in front of Dragon's Den.
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