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Ive never had a problem with our pan pipe friends , they are not salesmen , they put on a show , which people like . They do occupy a place because their equipment is in such quantity . They are always smiling . And anyone giving them a hard time should lookat their own life and see whether they are more pure .
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Dave (Pyromancer)-

For $2 donations, we give audience members a sticker, postcard, or temorary tattoo. I know what you mean about feeling bad about disappointing people. Our solution is this- I do what I feel comfortable with at the moment. If a kid puts in 75 cents and sticks their hand out, I give them what they want. Anything less hurts my heart afterward. Every couple of shows, an adult will throw in a $20 bill and just ask for a couple of postcards for their kids. That person has just paid for all the items we'll be giving out at that show. I find it works out.

I don't think we're vendors. I believe in our show. We put on a performance that we would want to see and would be entertained by. I also believe that a kid who has one of our postcards up on their wall will be reminded of the good feelings we helped give them at our show every time they look at it. You've got a great promo shot of you in front of those trees, Dave. I think almost anyone who came to your show would love having that shot to remind them of the experience.


Right on. I've found the "make them give a crap about you" method works in a lot of life situations. Good on ya.


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Now if you want to see bad pitch ethics come out to San Fran(sillyness)cisco. It's a mess out here. To me, a lot of it stems from performers ego's. Many performers out here actually feel as though they've put in the time, and therefore the sidewalk is there's. It crazy.
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