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Default Could you pull a rabbit out of a hat?

If you have a great promo picture, then congratulations! Your act is really close to being… no, not hired but your DVD will certainty be watched by a talent buyer.

It is WORTH IT to invest in a great promo picture. An average photo of
yet another juggler, a smiling comedian, a magician with a deck of cards,
etc. will just make the producer think “I’ve already seen this type of act
before” and they will toss your package on the floor.

Go to a professional photographer’s site, study the pictures and learn from them (and by study I don’t mean “copy” or “borrow” ideas). Better yet, hire a professional photographer because they will create the shot that will be unique and represent only you.

Here are some examples of GREAT promo pictures of magicians by a good friend of mine, Richard Faverty.

Here are examples of hundreds of BAD promo pictures of magicians created by magicians themselves.

Remember, your promotional picture is the FIRST impression everybody gets.

Life is beautiful,


P.S. You can always visit my blog and read my daily thoughts about
entertainment, life, success, and happiness (plus the video interviews with producers and performers.)

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Thanks, but both links show the same photos.
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For my mind, those beckett studio pics were classic bad magic photos !!
Apart from the topless chick that is.
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It's corrected now.
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Doctor Eric
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I'm with gav. So far, your blog posts seem like uninspired, poorly thought out spam.

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le pire
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I agree with Gav. I did all that photoshopping in 2001-2003 before it caught on (and it's still up on my website that is in desperate need of updating) and honestly it all looks so dated now.

What is particularly annoying is the "bad magic photos" blog because looking at them they are mostly dated and taken out of the context of an overall press kit and of course snarky comments are added about each one. Naturally they look awful or even worse then what they were.

Personally, I am disinclined to prefer someone's work because they talk badly about everyone else. On a business note- every one of those performers that you trash talk is obviously in need of new promo, and instead of humiliating them online (for what gain?) you might try marketing to them instead.

In any case, thank you for this because I know see how badly my website and promo needs updating!


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Thanks for all your comments. One thing I would like to point out is that most promotional photos have only one purpose - to interest enough talent buyers to watch your video.

I am not trying to promote either Richard or the Bad Magic Photo blog. I have no affiliation with either of them and I was merely using them as an example (and I agree with le pire - there is NO need to trashtalk performers on that blog and it's unfortunate that the owner chooses to do so.)

There are promotional picture "styles" that waaay to many people use. There are also pictures that are unique and show a performer's individuality.

What I liked about Richard Faverty is that he captures the performers' unique individuality and at the same time the photos stand apart from other performers. I agree that it may look "dated" and some of them aren't that great but I would definitely choose to look at a promokit of a performer that has a photo from Richard's site over some average picture.

I do appreciate your input about MY blog posts. I am trying to write advice for performers to truly help them (not spam). I believe that there are a lot of bad habits out there in the entertainment world and I try to provide my insight about that.

One of my goals is to write a post at least every other day based on what I see and read in my life.


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