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Butterfly Man
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Guitar My good friend is writing songs in heaven
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Rachel Peters
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Sorry to hear it, Robert.
Well, maybe I WILL just keep telling myself that.
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Butterfly Man
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Guitar From one friend to another

It is a bear, isn't it?

Larry said to me, when I called him up to tell him, we are all now at an age where it is inevitable that we’re going to be crossing over to the other side.

And that's a good thing. It is part of the cycle of our lives. Leather will never be dead as long as he is alive in our hearts and our sweet memories of him.

All that has happened is that he has changed form. We will all be back together with him before any of us is ready.

I guess it's all in our perceptions.

My belief is that Leather is where he should be. He went out with grace and style. He lay down on his futon with his cowboy hat over his eyes, and that is where he was found the next morning.

We should all be so lucky.

He was a product of his choices, as we all are. He was a heavy cigarette smoker, and I believe we're all aware of what that can do to a person's health. It's one of the reasons that I couldn't hang around with him all that much. I have chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, better known as COPD. I can't be around cigarette smoke too much.

We are all assigned on this earth the task of making the best of bad situations.

This is assuredly a bad situation. The house he lived in was one that should have been razed several years ago. He talked his landlord into leaving it standing if he promised to pay rent on it.

He earned his living laying tile. He also worked several other odd jobs. He drove around in an old clunker that had been given to him by Naomi, the lady he referred to as his Nashville mama.

He was quite a man with the ladies. It seemed to me that every one of them that he met, he was telling me he was going to marry them.

Janet said he had a way of making every woman feel as if she were something special.

When she got into his computer, there were lyrics to several hundred songs. She says he sent her a wad of songs, wanting to know what she thought of them.

We're going to be listening to Leather's music for a long time. And most of it's going to seem brand-new to all of us.

I have to believe that he is up there writing a song right now with Charlie Blue. Now, there is a little ditty I'd love to hear.

We are the Wrong Place people. It is a legacy that few have. As a matter of fact, I don't know of any other legacy anything like what we have as a group.

Therefore, it's going to hurt when one crosses over. We have to keep in mind, I believe, that they are in a better place. If we weep, we are weeping for ourselves, and not them.

Let us celebrate what we have. Let us draw nearer to one another for the time that we all have left. We are unique in this world. The Wrong Place was not merely a skinny little bar with striped stage.

The Wrong Place is an ideal. It is a symbol of song, a symbol of learning, a symbol of fellowship, but 1st and foremost, a symbol of love.

Look for the beauty in what has happened. Look how much stronger we all are. Look how much more we appreciate every single day we get on this beautiful world.

Smell the roses. Hear the song. Feel the pain. Cry the tears. Feel the joy of what we have, and what few other people on this planet have ever experienced.

That's what Leather would have wanted.

God bless you all,

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Butterfly Man
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Guitar Another friend says it all so well

I have been reading and appreciating everyone's expression of grief at the loss of a special friend. I hesitated to add anything myself because I haven't seen Leather in over 30 years when I lived at the Head Inn and went to hear great music at The Wrong Place. I missed the last reunion in New Orleans, but Leather emailed me that there would probably be another one next year. John Lennon said that, "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans.", but that also applies to death. Leather's last lesson to us all is to live like there's no tomorrow. Make time now for the people you love and the dreams that fill your soul.

Every life ends in death and when it surprises us , we must once again ask our philosophical questions about the nature of reality, life and death. We need to understand in a meaningful way. I think that it's something like a set at The Wrong Place. A lifetime is like one song in a set. You touch those who hear your song. The music ends, but the song continues to touch others. They find themselves singing the lyrics or just humming the tune. But it's followed by another song that allows you to express another thought and another melody which will also touch others. As you write and perform new songs, you share the growth of your music and each new song reflects all that you have learned along the way. Death is just the pause between songs.

Thank you all for sharing your music. Play on and smile when you find yourself humming one of Leather's songs.

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